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What kind of after sales service do Ferguson offer?
Ferguson strives to offer the best after-sales service in the industry. Our customers are extremely important and because of this, we want to ensure that you remain happy with your product long after your initial purchase. This is why we offer a UK based comprehensive technical support facility to all of our customers.
How do I record onto a USB stick?
There are two methods of recording

  • Instant record (Press the record key on the remote control to instantly start recording what you are watching)
  • Timer record (Set a timer recording using the 7 day EPG)

Note: It is not possible to watch one channel while recording another. The TV will record in standby if the EPG timer has been previously set. All recording options are explained in the TV manual.

Can I receive TV channels in Ireland on my Ferguson TV?
All Ferguson TVs with MPEG4 technology can receive all TV channels in Ireland. Irish channels cannot be received in the UK. All Ferguson TVs produced in 2013 & 2014 have MPEG4 Technology.
Why is the TV changing channels on its own?
Make sure no keys are stuck down on the remote control. Remove the batteries from the remote to confirm that this is not the cause of the problem. If the problem still persists call the Ferguson helpline 0333 433 0312.
Why is the DVD player not reading discs?
When inserting DVD’s make sure the label side is facing to the back of the TV. The DVD Region code for Europe is Region code 2. Discs with other region codes will not work. Try more than one disc, if none of them load or work correctly please call the Ferguson helpline 0333 433 0312.
Why do only the volume/channel keys work on the remote control?
Press the TV/Radio key twice on the remote control to activate TV function.

A simple test to check if the remote control is sending infra-red signals.

Using any Digital camera: point the remote control at the digital camera lens. Now press any key on the remote control. On the camera’s digital screen you should now see the remote control infra-red sender flashing. If you can’t see any flashing or just a very dim flicker, you will need to change the remote’s batteries. If new batteries do not solve the problem you need to replace your remote control.

Why is the power LED light green, but there is no sound or picture?
No picture means that the TV is not receiving a transmission. Check your aerial lead is not damaged and is connected correctly. If the problem still persists press the ‘Menu’ button on the TV or on your remote control. If the menu is displayed on the screen the wrong source may have been selected. Press the source button on your TV or on your remote control and select the source you require.

If you cannot see the menu displayed on the screen you will need to call the Ferguson helpline 0333 433 0312.

Why is there no sound coming from the TV speakers?
  • Has the TV been set to mute? To cancel mute press the mute key on the remote control or press the Vol+ key.
  • Have headphones been connected to the TV and not removed?
How do I activate/deactivate subtitles?
Press the key under the blue key on the remote control labeled ‘subtitle’. A subtitles menu will appear on the screen. Press the right arrow key to select ‘Subtitles Off’, and then press ‘OK’. This will deactivate the subtitle function. The same procedure is required to turn on and activate subtitles.
On my satellite TV why is there a loss of signal in windy conditions?
Make sure the dish mountings are secure and are not moving in the wind. Check that obstacles such as trees are not moving back and forth in front of the satellite dish.
On my satellite TV why is there a loss of signal in light rain or snow?
This is mainly due to a weak signal. Check that the signal strength and quality are ok.
On my satellite TV why is the picture/sound breaking up or dropping out whilst viewing?
Check the signal quality and strength are ok and that the dish is the correct size to receive the desired signals. A slight dish misalignment could cause a large reduction in signal strength. Check the satellite cable quality and length. A long cable could cause significant signal loss. A signal amplifier/booster would help correct this.
Why on my satellite TV after having completed a full scan do I only have a few channels?
Ensure the dish is aligned with the selected satellite correctly, e.g. Astra 28.2E. A very slight misalignment can cause a loss of channels.
Why can I not find any channels on my satellite TV, the signal and quality bars are zero?
Check that the Satellite dish/LNB setup and all cables are connected correctly. Make sure the dish is not pointing at any obstructions i.e. trees, tall buildingse ect. Ensure your location is within the footprint of the desired satellite transponder.
On my satellite TV how do I delete unwanted satellite channels?
Go to the ‘SETUP’ option in the main menu and select ‘Channel Management’. Select any channel and press the ‘Red’ key on the remote control to delete.
On my satellite TV how do I record to a USB in satellite mode?
  • Instant recording is available on satellite (Press the record key on the remote control to instantly start recording what you are watching)
  • EPG 7 day (timer) recording is not available.

Note: It is not possible to watch one channel while recording another. All recording options are explained in the TV manual.

Where do I get remote control codes for Sky?
There are no codes available for the Sky remote controls, however due to a high demand from customers Ferguson have developed a new remote control design which is supplied with the current range of TV’s as well as being available to purchase directly from Ferguson. This modern design will work with all 73 and 51 series LCD TV’s that use the RC08 and 09 remote handset and will operate the following satellite boxes:

  • Sky Digital
  • Sky Plus
  • Sky HD Plus
What is Fergusons’ policy on TV dead pixels?

All Ferguson TV’s adhere to a stringent standard regarding picture quality. LED screens are made up of over nine million pixels and in very rare cases it may be possible to notice pixels which do not perform perfectly. Due to this common phenomena Ferguson use the following criteria to establish warranty replacement.

Pixel Colour Quantity Exchange
Black 3 Yes
White 3 Yes
Sub (Green, Blue or Red) 7 Yes
The TV stays on standby when turned off. How do I turn it off completely?

Some of the earlier TV’s use an external power adaptor in this case the TV does not come equipped with a power off function, the only way to turn the TV off is by the switch at the mains socket.

Green button feature: Some models have this facility where there is 2 buttons on the remote control:

  1. Standby button which simply turns the TV in & out of standby.
  2. Green power saving button which turns the TV power off completely. On the TV there is a special switch that brings the TV back in to standby after it has been turned off using the Green power saving button.
Why is the picture pixelating?
Pixelation of the picture often is caused by poor signal quality. To ensure your digital signal quality is of the best you need to ensure you are using an outdoor aerial suitable to receive digital television signals. You may require an aerial upgrade but we advise that you consult with a professional aerial contractor who will know reception levels in your location.
Why is my TV slow at changing channels?
One of the noticeable differences from analogue signal to digital is the way that the channels and on screen display (menu features) appear with a slight delay. This is quite normal due to way that this digital signal is being transmitted and received by the TV. The easiest way to explain this is to think of the digital signal as computer data and your TV has to read this data before converting this back to pictures and sound.

Is my TV HD Ready?
The majority of the TV’s are HD ready via a HDMI socket on the rear of the TV which enables connection of external HD devices. It is advised to check the specifications before purchasing.

How do I get the best TV signal?

To view channels correctly, a signal must be received by the set from one of the following sources:

  • An outdoor aerial (May need to check the digital service in your region.)
  • A cable television network.

Ferguson recommend the use of an outdoor Aerial suitable for receiving digital television transmissions. The use of an indoor or portable aerial is most likely to result in loss of full digital service as the quality of the digital signal may be impaired. It is advisable to consult a professional aerial installer if in doubt.

Can the TV work on a 12v supply?
All Ferguson TVs are designed to use the power cables that are supplied with them. Even though a selected few models are supplied with an external power adaptor which do convert 240 – 12 volts it is always advised to use this adaptor in its appropriate manner. If a TV were to be connected directly to a 12 volt source incorrectly (Battery source) it is possible to damage the television which will inevitably void the warranty.

Can the TV be used a TV monitor?
The majority of Ferguson LED TV’s have the facility of connecting as a monitor via the VGA socket, however it is best to check the specifications of each model. Connecting to a laptop is a different matter though due to laptops being configured to use their own screen. As every laptop is different it is recommended that the consumer seeks advice from a Computer Specialist before connection.
Can my LED TV be wall mounted?
The majority of Ferguson TV’s are wall mountable. On the rear of the TV there will be holes where the wall mounting bracket can be fitted.
Can I contact after sales service if I have a problem with my purchase?
Once you have made a purchase, you should have no problem in fully enjoying your new Ferguson product. However, if you do come across a problem, you can call 0333 433 0312 and speak to a member of the expert after-sales team, who will be happy to identify a solution to your problem.