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You can count on new additions to our RTS smart TV range keeping you entertained right through the winter

We can forgive you for watching news bulletins through your fingers in the last few weeks; the COVID-19 crisis is, sadly, “back”, along with the lockdown restrictions that many of us will have hoped we’d left behind for good.

You can probably see where we’re going with this – more limits on what we can do in our lives probably means a lot more time sat in front of a screen for many of us as the winter looms.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, if it allows you to not only catch up on some of your favourite programmes (quite literally, thanks to the preloaded catch-up apps we’ll mention again in a minute), but also take advantage of all manner of other technological sophistication and connectivity.

These are very much strengths of the RTS smart TVs that have been such a hit for us here at Ferguson in 2020. So, you might not be too surprised to learn that we’ve added a few more models to the range, to cater to your entertainment preferences and practical needs this season.

Unfussy, but feature-rich smart TVs

Let’s face it; even keeping in mind all of the wonderful things that TVs can do these days, one of your first priorities when buying one will still be to ensure it actually fits and looks good in the space where you intend to put it. That’s why such a model as our 24” Smart HD Ready LED TV with DVD Player might prove a bit of a godsend for you this winter.

After all, 24 inches is a good size not just for an affordable TV and DVD combo that might represent the only TV and DVD player in the house. That’s because it alternatively makes sense as a second TV during these times when members of your household might otherwise be arguing over what they want to watch.

The integrated DVD player might be an especially handy touch. It means that in the unlikely event of you getting through everything you could want to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer – all examples of apps accessible ‘out of the box’ on this TV – you can reach for your DVD collection and keep the winter entertainment going… and going… and going.

Nor does the fun stop there, as this keenly priced TV and DVD combo also sports built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, as well as the USB and HDMI connections that will allow you to attach external devices such as games consoles or other media devices. If those aren’t the features of a lockdown-ready TV, we don’t know what are.

A surprisingly no-compromise entertainment device 

With the aforementioned charms also available in a 32” Smart HD LED Ready TV that, again, comes with Freeview T2 HD channels and a DVD player, you can have a complete entertainment solution for less than you might expect, and which is sure to keep you occupied in the months to come.

This winter might be a grim one in terms of the news headlines, but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to your TV watching, thanks to our generously specified and no-nonsense RTS smart TVs here at Ferguson.