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Yep, you really can have both smart functionality and a DVD player in a 32” TV

Let’s face it – this year has been largely about putting our faith in both the old and the new. On one hand, we’ve seen a pandemic sweep through our country unlike any in living memory, and many of us are pinning our hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine to help us return to ‘normal’ life. But on the other hand, we’re all dependent on such old-fashioned measures as social distancing and mask-wearing to assist in minimising the spread of the virus. 

In a way, it’s a similar situation when you’re browsing online stores like ours and comparing TVs. You might fancy something with the latest ‘smart’ features, such as Wi-Fi capability, catch-up and streaming apps, and USB and HDMI inputs for connecting external media devices. 

But at this time when many of us are still having to while away a lot of our spare hours indoors, you might have also looked to your long-neglected DVD collection, and wondered whether you should be targeting integrated DVD TVs

Well, here’s some great news; you can enjoy both your old-fangled DVDs and your new-fangled Netflix subscription in a 32” smart TV that also fits both your interior space and budget. It’s all on offer from our 32” Smart LED TV with DVD Player, a recent addition to our RTS range of smart TVs

We’ll show you that 32 inches can be ample 

In today’s era in which we’re so used to the notion that ‘bigger is better’ for TVs, it’s easy to overlook the merits of smaller dimensions. All too often, even people who would be best-served by a 32” TV – perhaps because they only have a shelf in a compact bedroom where a TV can be placed, or they’re in the market for a second TV for more casual or solo use – end up plumping for something that’s just too big for their practical requirements. 

Our 32” Smart LED TV with DVD Player is among the new wave of both sophisticated and great-value integrated DVD TVs that show there’s no need to compromise on specification if a smaller TV is what you need. 

With its 1366 x 768 screen resolution, built-in Freeview DVB-T2 HD channels, preloaded streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and – of course – the integrated DVD player, this is a device that shows you really can ‘have it all’ in a TV for the 2020s, in a practically compact package. 

Why not peruse our selection of RTS smart TVs today to discover the TV that could best match your own requirements over the coming winter and beyond? When you do, you’ll soon realise that we aren’t just about quality or innovation here at Ferguson – we’re also committed to offering superb value for money to those on the lookout for integrated DVD TVs and other smart TVs alike.