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Could this be the year that you embark on a UK ‘staycation’?

The word ‘staycation’ isn’t exactly a new one, and much has been made down the years of the wonders of spending one’s summer a little closer to home than the obvious exotic climes.

However, for a long time, it seems that the whole ‘staycation’ thing hasn’t quite caught on here in the UK. This was perhaps borne out by recent research by Ortus Secured Finance, which found that in 2016, turnover at the country’s 100 biggest caravan, camping and holiday parks went up only slightly, from £2.66 billion in 2015 to £2.67 billion.

Even the five-year picture only saw growth of 9% for those companies. However, there has also been fresh optimism among holiday parks that big growth could be on the horizon as a result of – yes, you’ve guessed it – Brexit.

Now might be a good time to purchase that caravan TV

With The Guardian recently reporting that the value of the pound had slumped by 13% against the US dollar and 9% against the euro since last June’s EU referendum vote, the money that Britons have for so long spent so readily while on holiday elsewhere doesn’t go quite as far these days.

With the cost of hotels, flights and day-to-day holiday expenses now a fair bit higher, there has surely been no better time than the present to contemplate the merits of a caravan holiday.

Yes, caravanning hasn’t always had the most glamorous of images (thanks, Top Gear), but Brexit is really helping to bring it back into fashion. In short, in its own little way, caravanning is helping to make Great Britain truly Great again.

That also means that it could be the perfect moment to buy a caravan TV. After all, such TVs today are far from the unsophisticated black-and-white affairs that they once were, and indeed incorporate all of the features that you would expect from a refined TV for today’s ‘smart’ age.

We should be your first port of call for a caravan TV

From a built-in DVD player and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to the ability to record digital TV and play media files from other devices, there’s so much that a great caravan TV can offer – and all of those things can be yours when you purchase your caravan TV from Ferguson.

As if they weren’t already great enough for your ‘staycation’, our innovative LED TVs are also all manufactured here in the UK by Cello Electronics. We really are the patriotic choice!