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Why should I purchase a TV with a ‘wake up’ feature?

WakeUpGetting up in the morning can be a daunting task for even the most energetic of those amongst us. As fans of innovative technology, here at Ferguson, we are only too happy to be able to offer a more interesting way to get yourself out of bed – a wake up TV.

Wake up TVs peacefully waken you from your slumber

Traditional alarm clocks and clock radios have been popular for decades in rousing sleepers and more recently mobile phone alarms are chosen by many to do the same thing. Now another option is available a dedicated wake up TV that switches your favourite Digital TV or radio channel on straight away, while rousing you from your sleep.

We offer just such a TV here at Ferguson, in the form of our 32” Freeview HD TV DVD combi with Wake Up feature.

Setting an alarm on this handy television only takes three easy steps;

  1. Select which channel you would like to wake up to – be it a TV channel or a radio channel
  2. Select the sleep function on your remote
  3. Set the time which you would like the alarm to sound

The screen will display the date, time and alarm time while you leave it on overnight. During this time, you can also charge your phone or tablet via the USB port on the TV.

It’s not just about waking you up!

Don’t worry – a wake up TV from Ferguson isn’t defined by just one feature. As well as providing a more interesting way to wake in the morning, our Wake Up TV comes with a host of other benefits including HD Freeview TV Channels and an integrated DVD Player. Enjoy reducing the number of cables, leads and remote controls usually associated with having two devices

This model is also admired for its adaptability and compatibility. Three HDMI inputs are provided for external devices such as game consoles and media boxes etc. The USB port enables the use of external hard drives and USB sticks to record 1 digital TV Channel or watch movie files etc saved on other devices

Space-saving and boasting loads of connectivity options, in addition to offering an alternative way to wake up on a morning, this TV will surely be a welcome addition in any bedroom.

Browse the Ferguson TV site today to learn more about our products – including the very latest additions to our wake up TV range.