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Why might you buy a TV that also has a built-in DVD player?

The wealth of things to think about when trying to decide on a specific model of TV – including price, features, picture quality and more – can understandably be more than a little overwhelming.

However, one of the best starting points is to simply ask yourself what you’ll be using your new TV for. When you do, you might find it is built-in DVD TVs that make the most sense for your circumstances, preferences and needs.

Here are a few reasons why you may come to this conclusion.

It saves you from having to look for a separate TV and DVD player

Sure, you could always purchase your next TV and DVD player separately – but just think of all of the practical benefits you’ll gain if you opt for a TV with a DVD player incorporated into it.

Firstly, you won’t have to spend much time poring over the finer specifications and price details of various TVs and DVD players. Secondly, because the two devices will be integrated into one unit, you’ll never find yourself short of one power socket or looking for that “other” remote control . Thirdly, a combi TV is more portable than two separate devices, a major benefit on the smaller screen models

They represent amazing value

With DVDs being such a well-established entertainment format, and Ferguson Combi TVs being available in a range of screen sizes TVs of this type remain hugely popular. The good news is they have never been more affordable than they are now.

You can see that simply by perusing our range of TV and DVD combos here at Ferguson, which are available in dimensions ranging from 16” right up to 43”. And this brings us neatly onto another benefit…

They give you much more than just a TV and a DVD player

OK, so TVs that also have a built-in DVD player might be very affordable these days – but that probably means they’re a little “old fashioned” right?

That’s very far from the case! Even our entry-level TV in this category, – the Ferguson 16” Full HD LED TV with Built-in DVD Player and Satellite Tuner – gives you not only a DVD player, but also built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, a built-in satellite tuner and USB and HDMI inputs.

Those latter inputs enable external devices to be attached to further broaden the entertainment possibilities such as attaching games consoles, recording digital TV and playing media files you already have saved on a USB device.

The high standard of modern design and quality manufacture of our TV/DVD Combi’s maintains the historic character of the Ferguson brand.

As you can see, then, a Ferguson TV with a built-in DVD player makes sense for many reason to many buyers. Browse our online store today to discover the perfect model among our combi TVs to meet your entertainment needs for years to come!