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Why buying a small TV may still make sense for you in 2019

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how the general trend these days is of TVs becoming bigger, rather than smaller. It’s something that we’ve previously discussed in the Knowledge Centre here at Ferguson, and the statistics certainly seem to back up that conclusion.

One survey of 1,823 people conducted by the market research firm Mintel in May 2017, for instance, found that almost seven in 10 respondents (69%) opted for a larger TV than their previous one when they last upgraded. Only about one in five (22%) settled for a TV of a similar size to their last one.

What’s making big TVs so ‘in-vogue’ these days?

Well, one major factor is certainly the rise of 4K. Indeed, it has been found that almost two thirds of 4K TV owners have a set with a screen measuring 46 inches or larger. This is quite a striking discovery, given that it wasn’t so long ago that a TV with a 40-inch screen or bigger was seen as something of a ‘statement’ purchase – and if you went for larger than 48 inches, you really were being extravagant.

Whereas about 32 inches would’ve been a typical TV size at one point, TVs measuring between 49 inches and 55 inches are now practically normal. But when you consider what 4K actually means for the TV viewing experience, such a shift makes sense.

4K content is becoming increasingly the norm, after all, and brings an elevated level of detail and definition that tempts people to splash out on a larger TV… that is, if they even really have to ‘splash out’ at all. That’s because bigger TVs are also becoming cheaper, which is a trend we have been at the forefront of ourselves here at Ferguson.

But you might still be better off with a small TV

While you may be less likely these days to invest in a smaller TV for your living room or bedroom – let alone a home cinema – there is one obvious circumstance in which it still makes absolute sense to do so: when you’re set to be ‘on the move’.

Yes, that’s right: you can purchase the perfect battery-operated or 12-volt TV for your requirements from a broad selection here at Ferguson, benefitting from portability and a competitive price, but also without compromising quality or a comprehensive set of features.

Even our smallest 12-volt TV, for instance – the 16” HD LED 12-Volt TV with Built-in DVD and Freeview T2 HD – doesn’t just come with a 12-volt power adapter for the most convenient use of your TV in your caravan, motorhome, lorry, or boat.  it also serves up such perks as a built-in DVD player, built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, a USB port and a HDMI input for connecting external devices. This is all available for a price that you might have never imagined being possible for such a generously specified TV.

Don’t, then, automatically dismiss the idea of purchasing a smaller TV in 2019 if it’s still the right choice for your needs. Take a look around the Ferguson online store, and you may well be impressed by what you discover is possible for your budget!