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What’s the point of a USB port on a TV, anyway?

There are plenty of ways in which TVs have changed just in the last decade or so, and some of those changes make more immediate sense than others. The rise of the ‘smart’ TV may well have left a fair few of you disoriented, in particular.

In this Knowledge Centre article, though, we’re zooming in on one particular feature offered by modern TV manufacturers in the UK and elsewhere, that can often be overlooked.

Yep; we’re referring to a USB port. We’re sure you have plenty of them on your laptop, but why would it be all that useful or important to have one on your TV?

They’re just one more feature making TVs truly ‘smart’

If you’ve been browsing our range of smart TVs lately, you might have noticed the incorporation of USB functionality on such models as the 50″ Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV with T2 HD, and the 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi.

Ultimately, there are two main reasons why you might care about your next TV having at least one USB port; the opportunity it gives you to record digital TV, as well as to enjoy entertainment provided by other devices.

The first of those advantages should be easy enough to appreciate if you ever found yourself fussing about with a VHS video recorder back in the day – although of course, the recording of digital programmes off your Ferguson TV to your chosen USB storage device will be much slicker and easier.

As for enjoying entertainment from other devices, well… that’s just the reverse process. Whether it’s a flash drive, pen drive or external hard drive that you have your favourite TV shows, movies or even songs stored on, to play them on your Ferguson TV, it’s just a case of plugging in.

That helps to make a smart TV with a USB port an even wiser investment, given how it enables you to make the most of all of that media you’ve downloaded down the years.

Oh, and another benefit that a USB port can have, is providing power to such devices as smartphones and TV dongles like the Amazon Fire TV Stick we talked about in one of our other recent articles. Just as long as your TV is also plugged into a power source, it can be used to charge up these devices and others that you may call upon in your day-to-day life.

But it’s not just a USB port the leading Ferguson TVs can offer…

…while the inclusion of a USB port on your next TV could make all the difference in unlocking the entertainment possibilities you seek, a Ferguson TV from our latest range of smart models could also bring you so much more.

Built-in Wi-Fi, T2 HD channels and HDMI inputs – useful in themselves for connecting external devices and consoles – could all be invaluable features in the TV you purchase this year from Ferguson, one of the longest-established and most innovative TV manufacturers in the UK.