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What’s the main benefit of LED TVs?

LED TVsAs the only British LED TV manufacturer, we know a thing or two here at Fergusontv.com about the history of Flat Screen TV’s. We have been amongst the first to introduce the technology and have developed features and software that gives them a user friendly interface and a UK feel to the set up and operartion of the TV’s and Remote Control

A brief history of LED TVs

The first fully functioning LED panel was developed and showcased in the mid 1970s by James P. Mitchell. After the prototype and its scientific paper were previewed at the 29th ISEF expo in Washington D.C. in 1978, it received awards from various organisations, including NASA. Replacing the cathode-ray tube (CRT) technology that was used in TVs during the 70’s was considered a massive step forward with a host of potential applications.
LED technology has constantly developed since the 70’s with larger and larger screens being produced and more recenlty 3D and Ultra HD 4K technology also being incorporated . Currently the world record for the largest LED 3D TV is just over 6 meters wide and almost 3.5 meters high that displayed the UEFA Champions League Final match in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The advantages of LED TVs

LED TVs are much more energy efficient than their LCD or earlier Plasma screen counterparts. Despite using up to 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, they have a similar life span and also provide a more vibrant and sharper picture than plasma or LCD TVs.

LED technology allows TVs to be made much thinner and much lighter than previous screen types and this makes LED TVs much easier to move, wall mount or fit into the most awkward or unlikely places within a home, or a motor home, caravan, boat etc

Why choose Ferguson over anybody else?

Ferguson is one of the major brands of LED TVs in the UK, and has been for several years now. Given the renowned LED TVs that we offer in a wide range of sizes and types you’ll struggle to choose a better LED TV manufacturer or web retailer- and more than that, we are a proud British LED TV manufacturer.

With more than 90 years’ experience in the technology industry Ferguson, have risen to become one of the most trusted brands in the UK from our humble beginnings as a loudspeaker manufacturer.

Please view our complete selection of LED TVs on offer at Fergusontv.com today to learn more about the wide range of features and technologies that modern LED TVs have to offer at very competitive prices.