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What’s the difference between a smart TV and a Superfast smart TV?

You might think you already know what a smart TV is. After all, this type of TV is also sometimes referred to as an Internet TV or Wi-Fi TV, which says much about what these TVs are about.

However, you may have noticed that some of our smart TVs in our online range here at Ferguson carry the ‘Superfast’ name. So, what differences can you expect between our ‘standard’ smart TVs and our Superfast TVs – if indeed, we do ‘standard’ smart TVs at all?

Any Ferguson smart TV enables you to embrace a new era of entertainment

We don’t consider any of our smart TVs here at Ferguson to be ‘entry-level’, not least because even our most affordable options boast such an impressive complement of features.

Our 32” Android Smart LED TV, for instance, is a great solution for enjoying entertainment through such popular Android apps as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4 On Demand, Sky Go and Netflix. Its three USB ports enable you to record live TV, watch saved media and even use an air mouse and keyboard.

Games consoles or Sky boxes can also be connected, and a Micro SD card slot is provided too, just in case you wish to expand the amount of storage you can access.

A Superfast smart TV from us, however, takes things to another level…

So, what’s the big difference between a smart TV like the above, and a Ferguson Superfast Internet TV? The short answer is that the latter incorporates a superfast user interface that makes it even quicker and more straightforward for you to switch between terrestrial channels and online streaming content. It also enables the download of additional apps such as KODI.

Such a TV allows you to switch between offline and online viewing in less than 10 seconds, enjoying the finest entertainment across such in-demand services as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and Sky Go and more “regular” terrestrial TV channels

What’s more, with our Superfast smart TVs available in a broad assortment of sizes – from 24” right up to 65” – you really can have precisely the sophisticated experience you desire in practically any room of the house.

Oh, and we also give you the option of a 55” QLED Superfast TV that draws upon quantum dot technology to deliver breathtakingly true-to-life imagery, characterised by high luminance levels and exceptional blacks. This especially desirable Internet TV also sports an enhanced speaker system within its super sleek aluminium cabinet.

Shop online for the most suitable Internet TV

In short, the top smart TVs from a trusted and innovative brand like Ferguson aren’t just about formidable Internet capability!

Browse our complete range of such TVs today, including our prestigious Superfast models, and you’ll begin to see why Ferguson remains such a major force in the world of TVs well into the 21st century.