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What are the features to look for in a “HOLIDAY” TV?

A life spent pounding the roads and munching up those motorway miles can be hugely rewarding, but also gruelling, especially when you don’t have too much entertainment on board your vehicle to help you to while away your down time. Why not, then, source a dedicated 12v TV from one of the most trusted and long-lived names in British TVs – Ferguson?

The right TV could do so much more for you than simply keep you stimulated and enthralled when you need to park up the car, camper, motorhome, caravan, lorry or boat for a while. Here are some of the common and useful features of Ferguson 12v TVs that go some way to demonstrating this.

A 12-volt adaptor

One of the beauties of Ferguson 12v TVs is that you don’t exactly have to spend that much to give yourself a TV that is portable and convenient to use, while also serving as a portal to a world of entertainment. You could consider our entry-level 16” Full HD LED 12-Volt TV, for example, which – among other features – comes with a 12-volt adaptor, built in DVD Player, Freeview HD Channels and a Satellite tuner for use abroad or in areas with poor terrestrial TV reception.

HDMI inputs

Are you an avid gamer? In that case, you might be thankful for the HDMI inputs incorporated into such models as our 22” Full HD 12-Volt DVD Combi with Satellite Tuner. This 12v TV also boasts a USB port that enables you to play music and movies from your USB device.

‘Smart’ features

You might have heard a lot in recent years about how ‘smart’ functionality is beginning to feature in almost any conceivable type of appliance in the home. But we bet you never imagined that a Travel TV could be ‘smart’ as well! The Ferguson 24” Superfast Smart 12-Volt TV with Wi-Fi and Freeview T2 HD is a great case in point, with its smartphone-esque interface and the ability that it gives you to download all of your favourite apps to your TV.

A built-in rechargeable battery

Not only do our 22” and 32” battery-operated TVs here at Ferguson come with domestic 240v and travel 12v power options, but they also each have a rechargeable battery fitted that can be relied upon to power the TV for up to 10 hours on a mere two-hour charge. These 2 models also feature Satellite tuners for use abroad or in more remote areas. It’s just one more example of how we work hard to come up with every useful feature and solution here at Ferguson.

It doesn’t have to be that tricky to pick out the perfect Travel TV for your requirements! Browse our acclaimed product range today, and you’ll see that our brand remains as innovative as it has been since the 1940s, but with an eye today towards the preferences and needs of the 21st-century leisure user.