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Welcome to the world of the battery-powered Travel TV

In our last blog post here at Ferguson TV, we took a short tour through the history of the motorhome or caravan TV illustrating how they now have expanded media options, DVD, USB. HDMI and offer a picture quality and ease of use that you would have never expected from the portable TVs of old.

We also touched on the matter of the battery-operated TV – a curiosity for many of us and something that our parents may have owned way back in the day, but surely not a credible option today.

Well, we think we might have a little something to tell you about that……….

It’s just the latest incredible innovation from Cello Electronics

As those who have purchased a TV from us previously here at Ferguson TV will know, we don’t shy away from pioneering innovation in our TVs. Indeed, we were among the first brands in the UK to offer the likes of LED TVs with integrated DVD, Traveller TVs, Smart TVs and more recently, 4K Ultra HD TV’s.

We reckon the newest addition to our range – the “Rechargeable Traveller TV” – is a bit special. It’s a battery-operated TV that will put to bed the lingering image of the crude ‘Boom Box’ that didn’t seem to last for five minutes before you, your parents or grandparents needed to put a new set of batteries in it.

What the Cello Travel TV instead offers, is a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery that can be fully recharged with your mains electricity source or 12 volt power leads in less than two hours, but which will keep the TV running for up to 12 hours. That’s more than sufficient for watching loads of entertainment without having to keep a constant paranoid eye on exactly how much ‘juice’ you have remaining.

A TV for today’s outdoorsy types and thrill seekers

Indeed, you might be watching from the comfort of your caravan, tent, boat or lorry by a lake or up a mountain given that this is a TV very much geared towards the world’s adventurous types. At the same time it offers the sophistication, convenience and comfort that you might not have imagined possible from such a portable & battery-operated TV.

It’s available, for instance in the traditional TV screen dimensions of 22” and also a practical much awaited modern 32”. It also enables you to watch your favourite digital channels in full HD, and even receive satellite Channels all across the UK and Europe if you connect a dish.

With a 12 volt power adaptor also supplied so that you can recharge the battery while driving via an in-car lighter socket, this impressive TV really does score highly for both ease of use and advanced features. It’s simply the latest fruit of our partnership with the renowned Cello Electronics, which manufactures all of our TVs right here in the UK.

Why accept anything less than the up-to-the-minute best when you are next in the market for a new TV ?