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Want better sound quality from your TV? Choose one with an in-built soundbar

We all want to be able to enjoy the best standard of sound from our TVs these days. In short, what we desire is the complete ‘home cinema’ experience, and we don’t necessarily want to have to spend that much to have it.

Well, in that case, you might just be interested in what the Ferguson Platinum TV range has to offer.

A triumphant comeback for a legendary TV brand

You have many an LED TV manufacturer to choose from these days, but few of them have quite as proud a history as Ferguson does. Having first been launched in 1946 and gone on to become one of the most prominent British electronics brands of the 20th century, Ferguson has disappeared from view in recent years – until now.

Ferguson was re-launched as a TV brand by Cello in 2017 with all of its TVs being manufactured in the UK. Their customer services and after sales support team is based in County Durham so the brand continues to live up to its British heritage.

The easy route to the complete sound experience

Many ways have been suggested down the years in which the average TV enthusiast in the UK can enhance the sound being produced by their TV.

You may have considered investing in wireless desktop speakers, connecting your existing hi-fi system or adding a soundbar or soundbase. The latter sounds like a good idea to us… but why not just have a TV that incorporates a top-quality soundbar in the first place?

The Ferguson Platinum TV is just such a TV. With its four speakers on the entry-level 32” TV and six speakers gracing the 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” variants, as well as 4K Ultra HD resolution from the 50” model upwards, these are TVs that can be depended on to provide a truly immersive audio- visual experience.

As we reported in another recent update here at Ferguson TV, it’s a formula that’s got many in the media purring!

A TV that has it all… for less than you think

When you also consider such innovations as the Platinum TV’s air mouse remote control, USB capability, and the Android Smart TV functionality it becomes clear that Ferguson is establishing itself as a leading LED TV manufacturer for 2018.

Why not make the Ferguson Platinum TV your own choice in the year ahead?