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As TVs get larger, prices get lower – but how and why?

large-screen-tvIf it seems to you that flat screen TVs have gotten larger and larger over the last few years, that’s because they almost certainly have done.

Reports from major retailers indicate that most new TV owners are opting to purchase TVs with 40” sized screens or above, whereas the average TV size stood at 32” only a few years ago.

To further cement widespread suspicions among industry observers of a tendency towards ever-larger TVs, many people are even buying units with screen sizes of 50 inches or above – and here at Ferguson, we wouldn’t bet against the average TV size increasing even further.

So, what’s caused the increase in average TV size?

The drop in price is a major culprit. The longer any technology is around, the cheaper the products that utilise it tend to become for consumers.

For example, the average cost of a 32” flat-panel television in 2012 was £307.68, whereas it would have cost £386.14 on average just a year before. Given that this was four years ago, it’s only fair to conclude that this price will have dropped even further since then.

A similar trend is showing even for TVs with a screen size in the 40” area, 50”, and even above – all simply because the longer technology is around, the cheaper it becomes.

Great technology is becoming more attainable

Another factor is that as technology advances, TVs of a larger size are looking more and more pleasing in the home – frames are thinning and screens are flattening, making large screen TVs a much more sensible option for people who inhabit smaller living spaces.

With it being easier than ever these days to purchase TVs that measure up to a gigantic 85”, who knows what the future holds for large screen TVs?

Purchase your next large screen TV from Ferguson

Whatever your preferences when it comes to televisions, we hope that you choose to purchase yours from ourselves here at Ferguson.

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings as a loudspeaker manufacturer in 1923, now being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of LED TVs.

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