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The relevance of super large screen TVs in the corporate world

So often in the history of television, it seems that bigger has been better, which is certainly something that could be said of the super large screen TV.

These especially generously proportioned TVs have long been a mainstay of the home, but also make frequent appearances in the corporate world, such as at exhibitions and conferences as well as in retail environments.

In an era in which the large screen TV has become ubiquitous, here at Ferguson, we thought we would take a closer look at the many fascinating ways in which such TVs have been used in more commercial and business-oriented settings.

Why are large screen TVs so important in the corporate world?

When you think about really trying to sell your product, one of the best ways in which to present it is through a visual medium. There’s something about moving images, in particular, that captures human interest for longer, in an era of ever-shortening attention spans.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise, then, that super large screen TVs have come to be so widely used at exhibitions and conferences in order to showcase certain products, concepts and brands.

The other area of the corporate world in which large screen TVs can be of assistance is retail. With online shopping having gained such widespread popularity in recent years, the brick-and-mortar store has had to adapt to keep pace, providing customers with a more visually stimulating and even interactive experience.

Super large screen TVs have certainly been of great assistance in this respect, helping high street retailers to keep up with the latest engagement trends in the digital age in order to build a better relationship with customers. TVs can accomplish this by offering unique highlights and displays for people to see as they shop.

Here at Ferguson, we offer an extensive range of highly rated super large screen TVs, some as large as 85″, and all providing excellent clarity and detail for the fulfilment of viewers. These sets can be mounted to the wall and also feature USB ports and other inputs for external devices. All of these features help to make our super large screen TVs as relevant to corporate as to domestic settings.

Super large screen TVs can help keep your organisation on top

There’s no denying that technology now dominates the world and this is never more evident than when it comes to the 21st century corporate landscape.

The best way to sell your products and to advertise your company or organisation is through a visually dynamic medium and super large screen TVs can help towards that. Whether at an exhibition, conference or retail environment, such TVs can provide a vital corporate advantage.