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The latest Ferguson 12-volt TVs make equal sense at home and on the go

If you’ve spent any significant time reading up on the differences between various types of TVs – and it’s fair to say that during the current coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us have had the spare hours to do so – there’s a good chance that you will have come across the term ’12-volt TV’.

Indeed, you may have considered buying such a TV, which is strongly associated with use in caravans, boats, mobile homes and HGV vehicles. These, then, are great travel TVs! But with the UK currently on lockdown and any travel restricted to essential journeys, does such a TV still make as much sense as it would’ve done before Covid-19?

Remember – a TV is a long-term purchase!

Even if you’ve already cancelled all of your summer holiday plans and expect to be staying indoors for months to come, it’s important to emphasise that our UK-made TVs definitely aren’t purely for travel – not even the 12-volt ones. In fact, we’ve just launched a brand spanking new TV range for 2020, including models that have been mainly conceived with home use in mind.

Such versatility, as it happens, is a big part of the point of buying a 12-volt TV. Our recently introduced 16” 12-volt Full HD LED TV, for example, is super-slim at the same time as incorporating such perks as a built-in DVD player, satellite tuner and HD digital Freeview channels. It also has USB and HDMI inputs for the recording of digital TV, the playing of media files from other devices, and a spot of console gaming.

These are all features that anyone is likely to appreciate having in their TV during a time of self-isolation. But this TV will also continue to prove its worth once the pandemic passes, as the 12-volt adapter accompanying it allows you to take it with you on those holiday breaks around the UK and beyond that we’re sure you’ll already have planned for late 2020 or 2021.

Discover our complete range of new-for-2020 UK-made TVs today

At a time when our country is being hugely challenged and our National Health Service is doing us proud, we’re delighted here at Ferguson to be a great British brand. That includes the manufacture of our TVs in the UK, at a state-of-the-art County Durham plant.

The latest sophisticated products to emerge from our factory include 16”, 20” and 24” 12-volt TVs boasting features that you might have previously thought wouldn’t be available on portable and ‘travel-suitable’ TVs.

So, why wait any longer to grab a great deal for one of our proudly UK-made TVs that show there doesn’t need to be a yawning gap between TVs for the home and TVs for the open road?