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The increasing prevalence of smart TVs – and why you should buy one

Do you ever wonder why seemingly everything is ‘smart’ these days? While some of us are still only just getting used to smartphones, it appears that the world’s technology giants have gone crazy trying to ‘smartify’ everything – from watches and thermostats to fridges and kettles.

So, why would you want to acquire a smart TV as well?

Even the most basic TVs are becoming ‘smart’

First of all, let’s come up with some kind of definition of ‘smart TV’, as it isn’t always universally agreed what makes a TV ‘smart’. As a general rule, you can consider TVs to be smart TVs if they are able to connect to the Internet and offer a wealth of services related to this. So in short, in much the same way as a smartphone isn’t just for calling and texting people, so a smart TV isn’t dedicated solely to the viewing of traditional television channels.

Smart TVs, then, combine the best elements of TV and computer technology in all manner of fascinating ways. They’re also increasingly becoming the type of TV that the average buyer chooses, with the household penetration of smart TV sets in the United Kingdom having reached a whopping 42% this year, according to Statista. That figure was just 12% as recently as 2014.

But they aren’t just a manufacturer obsession…

It would be easy to think that smart TVs are only becoming so popular in the first place because TV manufacturers are seeing just how cool and popular smartphones and tablets are, and deciding they want a bit of that action. But in many ways, the rise of the smart TV is simply a reflection of how differently we live our lives now.

After all, how often these days do you actually sit down in front of a TV and watch a programme ‘live’, as it broadcasts? There’s a strong likelihood that the last TV show you watched was experienced on an ‘on-demand’ basis via an app, and it is such apps – like Netflix and YouTube – that smart TVs from leading brands like Ferguson enable you to easily access and use.

There’s so much more to a typical smart TV than this, however, which is why we suggest you take a look at our complete assortment of current smart TVs here at Ferguson, to get a sense of which set could be the perfect choice for your own home.

With a broad range of both affordable and in-demand smart TVs to choose from, encompassing such options as the Android Smart TV, Curved Android and Platinum 4K UHD, there’s no need for you to look further than Ferguson when you are next in the market for one of these sophisticated devices.