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The benefits of a “Traditional” TV

Just because Smart TVs are all the rage it doesn’t mean that they are ideal or practical for everybody looking for a new TV.

The simplicity of set up and operation are things that are often overlooked when considering a new TV, frequently overshadowed by factors such as screen size, resolution and cost.

Here at Ferguson TV we offer a wide range of non smart or “Traditional TVs” that still boast a range of features and inputs that make them almost as versatile as a smart TV……but  what do I mean by “almost” ?

Well many of the most popular apps can be accessed using devices such as NowTV or Firestick that connect via the HDMI and offer streaming services such a Prime or Netflix as well as the most popular TV catch up channels.

HDMI & USB inputs feature on all Ferguson TV/DVD models 16” – 50” so you can add external devices should you wish to “smarten” them up. This is possibly an easier and cheaper option to adding a DVD player to a smart TV ?

While we think about technology lets also thing about screens, we look at them long enough each day. Be it phone, tablet or TV the trend seems to be towards larger and larger screen with evermore phrases to describe them, 4K, HDR, UHD, etc.

In brief unless you have a 4K signal going into the TV you don’t need a 4k/HDR/UHD TV because you won’t see the benefit. Freeview HD TV is broadcast in HD 720p and all Ferguson TVs can display Freeview HD channels in the correct format to enjoy the experience. Some offer greater resolutions to enhance the image from connected devices….like those mentioned earlier.

If easy set up and simple operation are your benchmarks the Ferguson range of non smart TVs could be the choice for you…or your relatives.

If you do want a smart TV we can offer that too, with 4k UHD, WiFi etc etc…….but I just wanted you to know that we offer a wide range of TVs…from the traditional to the smart.