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Television Feng Shui: fitting your new TV into your home

So you’ve opted to go with a brand new curved 4K TV for your home to get the best possible experience for your shows and movies. Great! But next, you have to ask yourself, how am I going to make this work in my living room?

The position of the TV might be the last thing on your mind, but if you don’t try to cater to the requirements of the TV itself, you could diminish the overall viewing experience, not to mention make your room look cluttered.

Get the best level of immersion possible by thinking about where your TV is going to be positioned in your living space

Is it at eye level?

Some people prefer to mount their TV on the wall, often making them need to look up, but if you prefer to watch your TV at eye level, or simply not wall mount then a TV cabinet or stand is ideal

Certain 4K TVs are large enough that they provide the optimal height for viewing at eye level when positioned on the floor, but many other types cannot offer this.

The perfect solution to this is a TV cabinet, which gives you a place to position the TV to make it eye level, while also providing plenty of space underneath for Android boxes, games consoles and other items.

Some TV cabinets also come with special holes to feed wires through to reduce clutter and reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Are chairs pointed towards it?

Try to have your seating facing the TV, as opposed to against a wall meaning viewing is to the left or right. When sofas are positioned like that, viewers have to constantly turn their head to watch the TV, and if they are sat too close, the angle of the TV could make the pictures on screen slightly blurred or effect the colour and brightness

Although sitting right in the middle of the room, perfectly centred in front of the TV, is going to give you the best level of immersion, you may want a more social atmosphere. Try positioning chairs and sofas so that they’re partially facing the TV, but also partially facing each other to encourage discussion while you view.

Unleash your TV’s full potential

You may not have much problem fitting the more compact 12 volt TVs into your living room and positioning them for the best viewing experience, but larger 4K resolution TVs often need to be carefully positioned to create a good atmosphere.

Ferguson TV supplies a variety of high-quality TVs in an array of different sizes that can fit your home perfectly, plus TV cabinets and soundbars to ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible. Browse the Ferguson TV site today for more information about our products.