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Tap into the 4K Ultra HD revolution with our 55” and 65” TVs

We’ve written before here at Ferguson about how especially large TVs seem to have come into fashion in an, erm, ‘big’ way in recent years.

But it’s not just the more immersive and all-enveloping experience that greater screen dimensions can give you and your family that may motivate you to invest in a bigger TV.

After all, it’s quite common these days for a physically bigger TV to also be an Ultra High Definition TV. Below are a few reasons why this is the case, and what we have to offer you in this category in the Ferguson online store.

If you want to ‘go big’, go 4K

The terms ‘4K’ and ‘Ultra High Definition’ are more-or-less synonymous with each other when it comes to TVs, and it’s becoming increasingly common for trusted TV manufacturers like Ferguson to offer their larger TVs in 4K Ultra HD form.

A 4K Ultra High Definition TV is one that has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That’s four times the pixel count a Full HD TV offers, and means you get a higher pixel density in your chosen TV. This, in turn, usually equates to a clearer and better-defined picture.

So, you can probably appreciate that if you’re buying a larger TV for that ‘home cinema’ effect, you might as well go for an Ultra High Definition TV that’ll enable you to experience all of the finest details and remarkable textures. After all, that kind of thing is why you’re spending the extra money, surely!

Have we got some impressive 55” and 65” tellies for you…

When it comes to all things 4K Ultra HD TVs, you can scarcely better either our 55” or 65” 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi. They both represent excellent value given their remarkable sophistication, their 16.7 million display colours and staggering contrast ratios enabling you to experience both the whitest whites and the darkest blacks, precisely as they should be.

But it’s not just a great picture you’ll get from these TVs, which also come pre-loaded with popular catch-up and streaming apps, while also incorporating such features as Wi-Fi capability, T2 HD channels and USB and HDMI inputs for the complete range of entertainment possibilities.

Whatever you expect from your next TV, and whether or not you are specifically looking for a 4K Ultra High Definition TV, you can be sure of all of your requirements being met when you choose Ferguson. Oh, and as we also manufacture all of our TVs right here in the UK, we’re the patriotic choice, too!