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Summer is just around the corner – so there’s no better time to purchase a 12v TV!

12 volt tv

It seems that worst of the winter is out of the way; the sun’s finally making an appearance and us Brits are taking full advantage of that in as many ways as possible.

One of the ways that people choose to make the most of the approaching summer is by travelling – be it by going on a package holiday or taking trips in vehicles such as motor homes with caravans or on a boat. Either way, if you’re going to be travelling for a fair amount of time, you’re going to want some form of entertainment or another. A 12 volt TV could be the perfect solution to this – but why?

What is a 12 volt traveller TV?

12 volt traveller TVs are pretty much what their name suggests – TVs that are specially designed to be used ‘on the go’, which makes them ideal for use in caravans, mobile homes and similar travelling vehicles. The inbuilt Satellite receiver has a broad range of appeal in particular as it means the TV can be used both at home or across Europe

Both Ferguson’ 19 inch and 22 inch 12 volt traveller TVs come with domestic and travel 12v power adapters, meaning that you can even make use of your TV while not on the move.

We also pride ourselves on the sheer amount of versatility that our traveller TVs offer; both come equipped with a DVD player, terrestrial and satellite tuners, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI input and our EZ Cast feature, which allows you to cast media from other devices to the TV.

This means that – no matter where you may be – you’ll have a world of entertainment at your disposal.

Tap into the seasonal trend

We always see a rise in the popularity of our traveller TVs at this time of year, but many people still seem to be under the impression that they are only of much use while they are travelling.

Bearing the TV’s versatility and the inclusion of both a domestic and travel 12v power adapter in mind, you can use it in practically any setting – whether in a vehicle, outside while having a BBQ, or while travelling at home or abroad, just add an aerial or a dish to get great TV

For more information on our 12 volt TV range, just check out our extensive online range or contact the Ferguson TV team for further guidance – we’re here to help, after all!