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So, you’re buying a TV for your Motor Home, Camper, Caravan, Boat?

CaravanRecent years have seen a significant rise in the use of televisions in the leisure sector fitted in Motor Homes, Boats and Caravans If you want a TV to use only in the UK or across europe, look no further……

Here at Ferguson.com we offer two very comprehensive Traveller TV’s and 12 volt TV range in sizes 16” – 24” in TV or TV/DVD versions

Traveller TVs vs standard 12v TVs:

Our Traveller TVs have an inbuilt satellite receiver, which is crucial for use abroad, offshore or in remote areas that are not served by digital terrestrial services. Additional features that you will find with this type of television include send-only Bluetooth capabilities and EZCast, the latter an Android app for wirelessly “casting” media from your phone or tablet to your TV.

By comparison, 12v TVs are more domestic in nature. They are similar to laptops in that they input 240v from a domestic 3 pin socket and the transformer supplied on the plug or cable steps the voltage down to 12v for use at home. Here at Ferguson, we supply a 12v cigarette lighter socket type power cable, in addition to the domestic one that is supplied as standard. Put simply you power the TV directly from a vehicle 12v accessory socket. Many people purchase 12v TVs due their low power usage especially as often leisure batteries are the primary source of power, but they work just the same on hook up. Add your aerial and tune in to watch digital TV.

Traveller TVs offer a lot of additional features for users who may wish to use their phones or their tablets in association with their TV sets. The inbuilt satellite tuner is a must for those offshore or going abroad, simply connect your satellite dish to enjoy UK TV all around Europe and beyond.

Buy your next Traveller TV or 12v TV with Ferguson

Here at Ferguson, we provide the highest quality service, making sure that our customers benefit from the best possible TV for their money. That’s why, whatever model you decide to go with, you can be sure of satisfaction with your purchase and the service you receive.