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‘Smart’ entertainment isn’t only available to owners of smart TVs

One thing that you are likely to be aware of is how the media landscape has changed in recent years and how we consume entertainment media resulting in the popularity of the smart TV.

Smart TV’s are much like smartphones and other ‘smart’ devices, in that they are “Internet-connected” and seem to go well beyond what you might have expected a new TV to do as recently as a few years ago

In particular, as we covered recently in another article in the Ferguson Knowledge Centre, smart TVs are strongly associated with streaming media – think YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and similar services.

What you might not have known, though, is that if you are looking to buy TVs online in the UK from a renowned manufacturer like Ferguson, and would like to access such popular streaming media services quickly and easily via your new device, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a smart TV.

The advantages of a smart TV, in a non-smart TV? How does that work?

Well, it’s very simple, really! All that you have to do is find a TV that, while it might not strictly be a ‘smart’ TV, is compatible with the ‘smart sticks’ that have come onto the market in recent years, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and NOW TV Smart Stick.

Such devices can be plugged into your new TV’s HDMI port, and once subscribed or activated to the service you can enjoy the vast content available

The Fire TV Stick, for instance, enables buyers to enjoy content from the likes of Amazon Prime Video (of course), the BBC, ITV, and Disney. It’s a similar situation with NOW TV and its many popular Smart Stick bundles, which could be just the thing for immersing yourself in all manner of entertainment, NetFlix films and sport.

In fact, such a ‘smart’ media stick may actually represent a more convenient solution for your needs than simply buying a smart TV, given that the former affords you the luxury of potentially removing the smart stick and taking it with you on your travels, wherever you may happen to go.

You’ve got all of the options when buying a Ferguson TV!

So, if it’s time for you to buy a new TV, don’t assume an out-and-out smart TV is the only route you could possibly take in order to revel in the latest and best streaming media.

Instead, give some serious thought to the idea of buying one of our non-smart TVs that enable you to add a Fire TV Stick or NOW TV to the device, whenever you might need or fancy it. What about taking a look at one of our ever-in-demand 40″ or 43″ LED TVs, for instance, or even our 50″ Full HD LED TV with DVD Player and Freeview T2 HD?

Inserting a smart media stick into one of the latter’s HDMI inputs would give you the combined benefit of a DVD player and streaming, which you would be free to switch between in accordance with your needs. All the while, you wouldn’t have to worry about fiddling around and making sense of any ‘smart’ functions that you just don’t need or want in your choice of TV.

We’ve thought of all of the possibilities here at Ferguson, and will continue to do so.