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Should you ‘go expensive’ with your choice of TV this year… or stick to ‘cheap and cheerful’?

It’s a very common and understandable question, especially in an era like our present one, when you aren’t always guaranteed a better TV simply as a result of spending more money.

As past research into other leading TV brands by Which? has shown, there are times when it’s worth forking out more money for a superior TV… but also instances of a relatively expensive TV being scarcely any better than a much cheaper one.

Depending on your exact requirements, certain characteristics that most of us associate with higher-end TVs – such as a larger screen size or especially advanced technology – may even be minus points for you. So let’s take a quick tour through our present range here at Ferguson, and consider how we really can bring you the TV that suits your most specific preferences and needs.

What if you really do just need a cheap TV?

Well, the good news these days is that when you choose a suitably long-established and trustworthy TV brand – such as Ferguson – there isn’t really such thing anymore as a ‘cheap and cheerful’ TV. If, then, you’re looking to buy an affordable TV, you can have the utmost confidence in our entry-level models.

Our 16” Full HD LED TV, for example, really impresses with its incorporated Freeview T2 HD channels and DVD player in a single neat unit, accompanied by a remote for operating everything. While it’s principally designed for use in the home, when you add a 12-volt adapter, you can just as easily use it in a caravan, boat, mobile home or HGV vehicle.

But you don’t need to look much further up our price range for a TV as sophisticated as our 24” Superfast Smart LED TV with built-in Wi-Fi and a superfast user interface, through which you can download all of your favourite media apps, and a lot more, to your TV.

If, meanwhile, you are on the lookout for a TV that has been designed with use in caravans, motorhomes or boats more squarely in mind, our 32” Battery Operated LED TV is an excellent-value option with various useful features, such as a built-in satellite tuner and smart aerial.

If you do opt for a range-topper, though, opt for the best

As for our higher-priced TVs, Ferguson caters to the more discerning buyer with aplomb. Whether it’s an intriguing mid-range TV such as the 55” Full HD LED TV with Freeview T2 HD that has caught your eye, or our innovative 65” Platinum 4K UHD Smart TV that boasts six built-in speakers for the most formidable sound quality, we can serve you.

Finally, we couldn’t fail to mention our present range-topper as of early 2019 – our 55” QLED Superfast Smart 4K HDR TV with Wi-Fi and Freeview T2 HD. This highly desirable model’s specification sheet is quite the read, not least the quantum dot technology that delivers astonishingly realistic visuals, and the enhanced speaker system that ensures audio to match.

It doesn’t matter, then, whether you would like to buy an affordable TV or money isn’t much of an object for you. With Ferguson, you can be assured of getting a fabulous-value TV for your outlay.