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Several great RTS smart TVs remain available from us at discount prices!

You probably won’t need our team here at Ferguson to remind you that there’s a lot you could potentially get stressed about at the moment. Not-always-predictable lockdowns and other restrictions are continuing to tighten across the UK, and if you take one look at the other news – well, there always seems to be something super-dramatic going on right now. 

It’s almost enough to make you want to hibernate from everything, and – well – that’s exactly what you can do when you snap up a great deal on one of our RTS smart TVs. 


What are these ‘smart’ TVs about, then? 

Hopefully, you won’t need too much introduction to what a ‘smart’ TV is, given that seemingly everything is ‘smart’ these days! 

Basically, they’re Internet-connected TVs – just like your smartphone and tablet – that allow you to do so much more than simply watch TV in the traditional way. 

That’s not to say you can’t watch TV in the traditional way with one of these. Pick up something like our 32” HD Ready LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi, for example, and you can enjoy built-in Freeview DVB-T2 HD channels, for an experience much like the TV you might already have. 

Where this smart TV differs, is in the wealth of other entertainment possibilities it offers you. So you can also take advantage of the preloaded streaming apps, if you like – think Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video – or watch something on a catch-up app such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub. Again, these apps are all available ‘straight out of the box’ with your RTS smart TV. 

But this particular TV also incorporates USB and HDMI inputs that enable you to do such things as recording live TV and attaching external devices like games consoles and Sky boxes. You’ll find a similar breadth and depth of functionality across our full range of RTS smart TVs – but also great prices, whether you decide that a 24” or 65” TV is the right one for you. 


And even better news… you don’t have to leave the house 

At this time when we’re seeing such a stellar effort across the UK to make sacrifices and keep the rate of COVID-19 transmission down, we realise that you might not exactly have the luxury right now of wandering into a brick-and-mortar store to purchase a TV. 

That’s why we’re proud to be giving our customers the ability to easily buy TVs online in the UK, and have them delivered to their door. Please consult our delivery page for the latest information on how we’re getting orders to customers during the pandemic. 

So, there you have it – whatever circumstances you’re personally having to deal with amid the continuing coronavirus crisis, being able to get hold of a truly great TV, at the right price, doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Stay safe, well and entertained this Christmas, with a little help from Ferguson!