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What should you pack when you go travelling in a motorhome?

There’s no question that travelling in a motorhome can be extremely exciting – It unlocks a wide range of attractive destinations around the world that may have previously been not possible due to factors such as the cost of accommodation

Motorhomes are (very nearly) ‘go anywhere’ vehicles for tourists, which begs the question… what will you need to pack in yours before embarking on your next amazing adventure ?

Some of it’s boring, but much of it is necessary

If you are taking your motorhome to another country, certain things should be with you for the simple reason that they will be legally expected, including the likes of a spare bulb kit, emergency warning triangle, high visibility jackets and possibly an alcohol breath tester.

Then, of course, there is the various documentation that you will likely find dreadfully dull, but which you may need to have with you in the motorhome in case of a problem. These may include the ‘logbook’ of your motorhome, or V5, together with a copy of your motorhome insurance policy and driving licence – both the paper and photo part.

When packing for your next big motorhome trip, you’ll also need to think about kitchen essentials and all those other items that you would customarily associate with certain rooms of your home – such as toiletries for the bathroom, a sleeping bag for the bedroom and a TV for the lounge.

So, what could a dedicated motorhome TV do?

There’s so much else that you may wish to pack for your motorhome, but if there’s one item that we would especially recommend here at Ferguson TV, it’s a dedicated 12v motorhome TV that combines a convenient size with impressive functionality.

Our 12v motorhome TVs for use in the UK have screens between 16” and 24” and incorporate such features as built-in digital Freeview channels, a built-in DVD player, USB Port and HDMI input for external devices or consoles. The 2 Traveller TV models also incorporate a Satellite tuner for use abroad.

Shop online for a motorhome TV that will enable you to truly get the most out of your around-the-world (or merely around-the-country) trip. Have fun!