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Our versatile RTS smart TVs are for life, not just for the summer

Mercifully, we’re starting to see the lifting of many of the coronavirus restrictions that were put in place several months ago around the UK. A lot more of us can now venture freely outdoors and enjoy our favourite shops, bars and restaurants, among other things – but what implications should that have for your choice of Internet TV?

The short answer is… it shouldn’t really change things at all. After all, the smart TV that you purchase this summer shouldn’t just be for keeping you entertained through times when you might have to stay indoors. That’s because it should make an equal amount of sense for when you might be spending a lot of time outside, and only be at home for brief or restricted time periods.

That probably makes such features as the right streaming and catch-up apps, not to mention the ability to record digital TV and play media files from other devices, pretty important when you’re next in the market for a smart or Internet TV. But there’s also much more you’ll need to think about…

The new-for-2020 Internet TVs that tick every box

While smart TVs – also sometimes known as Internet TVs or Wi-Fi TVs – have been around for a little while now, not every new TV in 2020 is a smart TV. So, let’s remind ourselves why a smart TV like one of those from our latest RTS range can be such a wise purchase, especially if you’re eager to buy something that will keep you stimulated well beyond the summer.

A smart TV is a television that is connected to the Internet and offers various online features. Thankfully, we’ve got this box thoroughly ticked with our current RTS smart TVs, all of which incorporate Wi-Fi and enable you to watch leading catch-up and entertainment streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video.

All of these TVs are also at least ‘HD Ready’, with the higher-level models being Full HD or Ultra HD – so whichever one you choose, you can expect an impressively sharp and immersive picture.

Indeed, even the 40” Full HD LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi, for example – which is one of the more ‘entry-level’ models in the range – has a formidable specification sheet. You’ll get a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution that produces a stellar 16.7 million display colours, together with built-in Freeview DVB-T2 HD channels and USB and HDMI functionality – the latter great for connecting external devices and consoles.

Choose a both great-value and sophisticated TV this season

With the sizes in which our RTS smart TVs are available ranging from 40” to 65”, it’s even easy for you to select a television from our range that will work well in whatever space you have in mind, without blowing your budget.

Remember that purchasing an up-to-date Internet TV like ours will give you an emphatically 21st-century source of entertainment that will likely last you for many years. Buy an RTS smart TV from Ferguson, then, and you’ll have just the thing to keep you engaged and thrilled by your favourite programmes, movies, clips and so much more, long after the summer.