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Not just your average large screen TV – why sport and entertainment viewing needs jumbo TV screens

large-TV-sportHere at Ferguson TV, we’ve seen a notable increase in the number of people choosing to buy large screen TVs in the last few years. As technology advances, it becomes cheaper and cheaper to buy TVs with ever-bigger screens.

Historically you would probably have to save up for a long time to afford the ones we’re going to discuss in this article but now a 58” TV is within many buyers reach with others considering up to a massive 85” TV

It’s becoming more common to see gargantuan TV screens in arenas, stadiums and other sports and entertainment venues nowadays. In some places, they’re there for more than entertainment value – they’re a necessity- something that carries on into the home and work place

Everyone can enjoy the show

These gigantic screens are a must-have at festivals, concerts and sporting events. They allow the people whose view of the show is affected to enjoy the spectacle from less advantagoues positions. Without such screens, people may end up paying hundreds of their hard-earned pounds to watch the back of someone’s head for hours on end.

Getting an important message across

These Large screens are often used for advertisement purposes, too. It’s common for screens to advertise during breaks or during the event itself. With so many people bound to look at such a screen, it would be unwise for advertisers looking to spread the word to miss out on this kind of opportunity.

The prevalence of large screen displays in pubs clubs and hotel reception areas has allowed most people to have some experience of the impact they make, a trend that continues into the home. A massive screen, sleek design and a host of inputs for a variety of external devices, coupled with the affordability is resulting in ever larger screens being used in the home.

Although we don’t manufacture stadium-size screens, Ferguson has been producing high quality large screen TVs for many years now. Our experience in supplying the most innovative electronics around allows us to cater for most screen sizes – anything from a small 16” to a massive 85”.

For more information about our large screen TVs or any other of our products, please check out our complete online range.