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A new level of immersion – why curved TVs are the future

Among the many models of television that we offer here at Ferguson, curved TVs are some of the sleekest that we have available, providing a whole new, exciting and even more immersive way to enjoy your favourite TV shows and films.

Curved TVs can provide you with a comfortable level of immersion without completely shutting you off from anyone else in your lounge or living room. They act as a happy medium between standard flat screens and complete Virtual Reality immersion.

These Ferguson curved TVs also look gorgeous, present your most popular shows with spectacular clarity and are proven to be “easier” to look at for long periods of time.

Curved TVs offer masses of modern appeal

Even when you aren’t viewing anything on your curved TV, it will still bring something to your home. Introducing more curves is one of the best ways to create a modern aesthetic for your humble abode, whether it’s through the furniture that you use or the ornaments that you place throughout your rooms.

The sleek curvature of our curved TVs contributes a great amount of style to your home. However, they aren’t just for show, as they also boast very impressive specifications that help to make them a very high-quality way of watching your favourite programmes.

Choose a curved TV for truly ergonomic viewing

Not only do curved screens boast a nicer aesthetic than a standard flat screen, the average person finds greater comfort when viewing a TV with smooth curving lines, as opposed to straight angular ones.

One study found that viewing entertainment on a curved screen saw more activity in the pleasure centres of the brain compared to flat screens.

A Harvard research report published by Bar and Neta links this preference back to natural selection, wherein the human eye is much more likely to associate jagged, straight or angular objects with fear. A study conducted suggests that curved screens are ideal because humans feel safer in the company of curving lines.

Outside of human nature, curved screens have been proven to produce less visual geometric distortion for viewers, making them a lot easier on the eyes. However, you are still strongly advised to maintain a healthy viewing distance from the screen.

Our TVs offer entertainment for all purposes

For high-quality 4K curved televisions and a wide selection of crystal clear LED TVs, smart TVs and even practical 12 volt TVs for travel, all at a cost-effective price, check out the wider Ferguson TV website. Our products page provides a breakdown of the exhaustive range of UK-made TVs and accessories that we stock.

Contact us through our message option or by phone for more information about our products and offers, including our range of truly stunning curved TVs.