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Do you need a TV licence for your caravan or motorhome TV?

At this time of year when many of us will be eager to take some well-earned time off, or at least book a holiday for a couple of months down the line, it’s a pertinent question to ask: will a TV licence be required to use your motorhome or caravan TV?

You may or may not need to buy a licence – depending on the circumstances

The good news is that if you already have a TV licence at your normal home address, you won’t need to buy another one for your caravan or motorhome – unless both your caravan or motorhome and your main home are being used at the same time for the purposes for which a licence is required.

Those “purposes” include watching or recording live TV on any channel or watching or downloading BBC programmes on iPlayer. It was previously possible, of course, for everyone to watch catch-up content on iPlayer without a TV licence, but that particular loophole was closed last September.

Another important point for those purchasing a caravan or motorhome TV with built-in Freeview channels is that these are merely ‘free’ in the sense of there being no charge at the point of delivery. You still must pay the licence fee to be able to legally view them, unless you already do so at your main property and comply with the above rules.

Discover a wide range of caravan TVs at Ferguson

Whether or not you discover that you need to buy a TV licence to watch your caravan or motorhome TV – and you certainly will if you do not already have a TV licence for your main property – you shouldn’t have many worries about either the price or the sophistication of a motorhome TV.

That’s because, here at Fergusontv.com we are rather renowned for the 12v/24v TVs that we stock in sizes ranging from 16” right up to 24”.

Far from the crude, grainy, boxy affairs that caravan and motorhome TVs have been in the past, such a TV or TV/DVD from us can incorporate the kind of features that you may never have imagined you could enjoy while on a caravan holiday.

The likes of built-in digital Freeview channels and DVD Player, USB capabilities, an HDMI input for external devices and consoles are all possible when you purchase a 12v TV or TV/DVD from Fergusontv.com

Why place your trust in any name other than Fergusontv.com, which has been a proudly British brand since 1923 and continues to offer British-made TVs to this day, courtesy of Cello Electronics.