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The many benefits of a TV corner unit

TV corner unitIt may seem like just another run-of-the-mill piece of furniture to add to your home, but a TV corner unit can come with many advantages over other television units. Choose the right corner unit and make the best possible use of it, and it won’t just be something on which to place your TV, actually serving as the impressive focal point of whichever room you place it in.

Save some much-needed space

It could be that you live in a fairly small property such as an apartment or flat, or that you simply don’t have much space – whatever the reasoning behind it, it’s always nice to save a bit of space, and a TV corner unit allows you to do so pretty easily. Utilising the corners of your room in this way allows you to free up space for other pieces of furniture instead.

A TV corner unit is also the perfect solution for not being able to place your TV exactly where you want it. It will allow your television to fit snugly into the corner without any fuss at all.

A stunning design

Many corners of rooms go unfurnished, which often leaves such a room looking ‘unfinished’ or bare. A TV corner unit also tackles this problem – while looking incredibly stylish. Fergusontv.com offers a fine TV corner cabinet constructed from wood and toughened glass, these hardy materials enabling it to support TVs up to 42” in screen size

The toughened glass shelves provide space for a soundbar, DVD player, games console or whatever external equipment you have– it’s essentially the backbone for your very own home entertainment system.

The charcoal wood affect finish means that this Ferguson TV corner unit will match most colour schemes – black is a neutral colour, which means it will complement practically every colour or colour scheme possible. The assembled weight is approx. 27Kg making this a solid and functional piece of furniture

Why Buy Ferguson TV Cabinets

You will be safe in the knowledge that a TV corner unit from us will last you for years to come. We have been the UKs leading manufacturers of electronics and related accessories for a while now, having come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1923 as a loudspeaker manufacturer.

For more information on our corner TV unit or about any other of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Ferguson today – or simply browse our site!