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Let’s dispel some of the myths surrounding 12 volt TVs

When a customer asks us a question about purchasing a 12 volt TV, they are normally very positive about what they have heard about them. Occasionally, however, we do receive questions about supposedly negative aspects of 12 volt TVs, about which we are all too happy to reassure them.

Here are just some of the misconceptions that have arisen around 12 volt TVs, and the reasons why they really shouldn’t concern you when you are looking to buy such a TV from us.

Is bigger necessarily best?

You don’t have to be a technology whizz to acknowledge that home televisions seem to be getting bigger and bigger nowadays, with some commercially available TVs stretching to a whopping 110 inches or more.

However, here at Ferguson, we would like to dispel the myth that televisions are automatically better the larger they are, and that all 12 volt TVs are of an ‘unwatchable’ size. We manufacture such televisions from a cosy 16″ – which isn’t really that minuscule, given how many of us now enjoy entertainment on 10″ tablet computers – to a generous 24″, with all of them able to be powered by the humble 12 volt power socket in your car or motorhome.

Don’t 12 volt TVs lack functionality?

When many people consider a traveller TV or 12 volt TV, they initially imagine a very small, rudimentary television that lacks channels and can only be used with their pre-existing DVD collection.

We reckon that such people may therefore be shocked to discover that all Ferguson traveller TVs come with built-in digital Freeview channels, a built-in DVD player, USB input – which allows you to record digital TV and play media files from other devices – and HDMI input for all of your external devices and consoles.

Purchase a Ferguson traveller TV, and there’s little to no chance of you getting bored on your travels, however long they may be and wherever they may take you. Such TVs are super slim, super versatile and most importantly, super fun.

For more information regarding our traveller TVs, please feel free to contact a member of our customer service team, who will be more than happy to assist you – or, of course, you could simply browse the current product range showcased on our site, before placing your order for the ideal 12 volt TV for your needs.