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An introduction to Smart TVs

In an era that seems to be full of ‘smart’ this, ‘smart’ that, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the mere mention of smart TVs. Given all of the things that your smartphone can do that you haven’t even got to the bottom of yet, despite owning it for years, how complicated and overwhelming could […]

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Choosing the right size of TV for your room

You might think that deciding on the right size of TV is pretty simple – surely, you should just go for the largest that your room can physically accommodate? That may be enough of a ‘rule of thumb’ for some people, but other buyers appreciate some guidelines for the right size of TV given their […]

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What is HDMI and how is it beneficial?

For those that can remember, we used to talk about scart sockets and how many there were on a TV for connecting external devices. Now scart sockets are disappearing fast as HDMI takes over. Short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI is an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI provides a high definition (HD) interface between your TV […]

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Your high definition TV options explained

When it comes to picture quality, shoppers have a widening choice when buying modern LED TVs. Should you opt for HD Ready, Full HD or the very latest 4K Ultra HD televisions? It all seems a little complicated, but we hope this article helps to give you a clearer picture – excuse the pun. A high […]

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What are the benefits of an extended warranty?

All Ferguson TVs come with a FREE 12 month guarantee. However, there are benefits to purchasing an extended warranty at the time of your TV purchase. We want you to get the very best from your new Ferguson TV, from setting it up correctly, to replacing it if it ever stops working. That’s why we […]

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Discover what you can do with the USB connection

All Ferguson TVs come with a USB input connection. However, consumers often ask us what this can be used for. Well, it’s actually a great little feature that is capable of adding significant functionality to your TV. In this article we explain a few of the everyday uses of the USB connection. Live Pause and […]

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