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The January gloom gives you the perfect excuse to buy a 12v Caravan or Motorhome TV

Traditionally, the first month of the year is one of the most depressing for many of us. The excitement of Christmas has come and gone, we’re often short of money, we’re back at work and to make matters worse, the weather is as grey and drizzly as it gets here in the UK. So, why is now the perfect time to buy a motorhome TV?

That’s an easy question to answer. After all, the most popular resorts tend to be pretty cheap at this time of year, with many overseas countries offering perfectly hospitable weather even in the winter months. Sure, you might not be able to sunbathe on the beach in January, but you can do plenty of the other things that characterise a great holiday, ranging from visiting museums, art galleries and historical landmarks to fine dining and enjoying some relaxing time in your home from home.

Make the most of the Winter & early Spring seasons

Driving or sailing around the world is a dream that many of us have long had, but which we may easily forget about amid all of our other day-to-day responsibilities. Why not finally make the dream a reality in 2017, by equipping your transport with a dedicated Traveller TV so that no one in your family is ever bored when the rain pelts down and you have to dive for cover

Motorhome TVs are frequently referred to by many other names, including ‘traveller TVs’ and ’12 volt TVs’ – the latter due to the tendency for them to be 12-volt powered. Whatever TV you choose, it’s vital to ensure it is compatible with your caravan or motorhome’s power sources. Size is another key consideration – our 12v TVs here at Ferguson are available in sizes ranging from 16” to 24”, to help ensure they fit into what may be the restricted amount of space your motorhome boat or caravan provides. For dedicated world (rather than UK) travellers the “Traveller” TV’s in a choice of 19” or 22” are essential as they incorporate an Mpeg 4 tuner for Digital TV Channels abroad as well as a built in satellite receiver.

Purchase the best of British from Ferguson!

Wherever you plan to take yourself this year – perhaps somewhere close or the opposite end of the world – a 12 volt TV could prove to be one of the best holiday investments you ever make. Remember, too, that all of our TVs are manufactured in the UK, By Cello Electronics so by purchasing from us, you are also supporting the best of British business.

Why hesitate to peruse the assortment of high-quality TVs available on the Ferguson TV website while taking shelter from the January rain today?