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Is bigger better when it comes to our RTS smart TVs?

Do you remember the days when a 40-inch TV was considered to be a large-screen TV? It really isn’t that long ago, but today, those dimensions are mid-size rather than exactly massive.

So, what is massive in 2020? The short answer: 55 inches and up. TVs in these sizes are the ones that allow you to create a true ‘home cinema’ experience. And let’s face it – during times when it’s far from a given whether your actual local cinema will always even be open, that might be a more attractive prospect now than it’s ever been.

One popular misconception, though, is that such bigger TVs are only for those with a ‘money no object’ attitude. Sure, there’s a lot of prestige to having a large and sophisticated TV, but even when you’re picking from the bigger sizes available, you’ll still want to be sure of buying a great-value TV.

Ultra HD 4K TVs that are perfectly suited to the new era

One reason why TVs have somewhat expanded in size these days, is that TV viewers want to remain ‘ahead of the game’, in terms of the latest technology and entertainment that is constantly coming on stream. Why would you want to buy a TV that you might have to consider replacing in just a few years’ time because of advancements in TV tech that have taken place since then?

That’s why the 55-inch and 65-inch smart TVs in our RTS range have proved such strong sellers this year. Discerning, but also value-conscious viewers wish to experience the latest 4K movies and programmes precisely as they were meant to be experienced, and these up-to-the-minute TVs very much offer that.

Another thing defining the new era is that you’re probably as likely to watch TV shows and films via an app these days, as you are via more traditional TV channels. This explains our decision to incorporate both T2 HD channels and pre-loaded catch-up and streaming apps into our 55-inch and 65-inch RTS smart TVs.

Those latter apps, by the way, encompass such household-name options as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. Consider these entertainment options alongside the HDMI and USB capabilities also offered, and you’ll soon realise just how complete these TV models will be for your wealth of entertainment needs in the 2020s.

Don’t wait any longer if you fancy either of these low-in-stock TVs!

Almost all of our RTS smart TVs that we debuted this year are now out of stock, and you know what that means – the same will soon be the case for our remaining 55-inch and 65-inch variants.

So, if you’re in the market for a large-screen TV that also boasts no shortage of ‘smart’ performance and capability, we would advise you to move fast to snap up yours from the Ferguson range. With our reputation for both innovation and value, we’re the perfect brand from which to source your next big TV, not least given the industry-leading after-sales service we also provide.