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How much can a 24” TV actually do in the 2020s?

As we have mentioned a few times previously in the Knowledge Centre here at Ferguson, recent years have generally seen a trend towards consumers buying larger televisions.

Why, then, did the market research company GfK report back in late March – as the UK was getting accustomed to its first coronavirus lockdown – that it was actually smaller TVs that now represented the biggest growth category in TVs?

Smaller TVs are no longer just a ‘budget’ option

GfK UK retail lead, Kelly Whitwick, attributed smaller TVs’ surge in popularity to people “buying basic models for practical solutions”.

She added: “Basically, people are facing having their entire household at home every day; possibly with the need to keep distance from each other, and almost certainly with very different views on what they want to watch – so they are quickly buying an extra TV to spread out around the house.”

As parts of the UK enter renewed restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19, these advantages of a small TV are gaining in relevance once more. You might not feel the need to buy another 65-inch Ultra HD TV if you have one in the house already and you potentially lack the space and budget for another one. So, you may simply buy a smaller TV like our 24” RTS smart TV as an extra source of dependable entertainment in these uncertain times.

But on the other hand, you also won’t want whatever ‘extra’ TV you do buy to be a horrendously unreliable and flimsy thing with a grainy picture and poor functionality – even if you didn’t spend all that much on it.

The short answer to the question is… a lot!

Looking to our 24” Smart HD Ready LED TV, it really does have a formidable specification and feature set for its modest price. It offers a pleasing 1366 x 768 pixel screen resolution, sporting 16.7 million display colours. But you can also watch the Freeview and Freeview HD channels that are built into it, in addition to preloaded streaming apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime Video.

That’s before we even get onto the USB and HDMI inputs that enable you to attach additional devices and consoles for even more entertainment possibilities. It’s impressive enough functionality even for a primary TV on a budget, never mind a TV that might only be intended to complement a larger set in the unusual conditions presented by the pandemic.

In short, when you buy an affordable TV in the 2020s, it doesn’t have to be a dreadful TV – and our 24” RTS model is the perfect example of how good a cost-effective small TV can be. Browse our complete range of RTS smart TVs today, in fact, and you may well find the perfect larger TV for your lockdown entertainment, too. After all, who knows how much longer these weird times will continue…