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How could a “Freeview HD” TV transform your caravan holiday this year?

If you’ve been perusing our product range here at Ferguson with a view to purchasing the perfect TV for your upcoming caravan or motorhome vacation, you might have noticed the mention of Freeview HD channels for models such as our 16” Full HD LED 12-Volt TV and 22” Battery-Operated LED TV, and wondered what difference these would make to your experience.

In short, if there was ever a time to replace your existing caravan, motorhome or even boat TV with a Freeview HD TV, it is now – and here’s why.


You’ll get to experience visuals of almost unrivalled detail

With HD TVs offering many times the resolution of standard TVs, merely purchasing an ‘HD ready’ TV was a great first step – and making your choice of a new “Freeview HD” TV is an even better one.

Why do we say this? Well, merely having a ‘Full HD” logo on your existing TV doesn’t necessarily mean you can receive HD channels on Freeview, so you might as well go for a fully-fledged “Freeview HD” TV with this capability built in.

Freeview HD offers 15 high-definition channels accessible through your existing TV aerial, provided that you have a Freeview HD TV. Of course you also get all the “Non HD” channels too.

While the exact channel availability depends on where you are in the UK, almost all of the UK population is in a “Freeview HD” coverage area, so you can look forward to enjoying astonishing detail when watching many of your favourite TV programmes.

It’s completely free

It seems that we’re all under financial pressure these days, continually with one eye on how we can cut our day-to-day costs. That’s partly why a Freeview HD TV makes so much sense for your caravan, motorhome or other vehicle – you can spend a little more on a generously-featured TV, in the knowledge that Freeview HD is free to use, just like the rest of Freeview.

There isn’t even a contract to sign, never mind a monthly bill. So if you purchase a Freeview HD TV from Ferguson, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in such channels as BBC One HD, BBC Two HD and ITV HD straight away. The likes of BBC News HD, Al Jazeera HD and QVC HD are also available to about three quarters of the UK population.

Freeview HD is far from the only attraction

With even our ‘entry-level’ 16” Full HD TV also incorporating such features as a built-in DVD player, Satellite tuner USB and HDMI inputs, you’ll have plenty of scope to enjoy yourself with a Ferguson TV in your caravan this season, even if you never use the actual Freeview HD capability.

When you’re looking to acquire an extensively featured, well-made and great-value Freeview HD TV from a proud British manufacturer this year, Ferguson is the perfect brand to turn to.