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Have you got the perfect LED digital TV for watching the World Cup?

For many it’s as much an essential as buying your team’s latest kit and putting the flag in your window; yes, that’s right, we’re talking about picking the ideal TV with which to watch the 2018 World Cup. We’re just days away from it all now, with the first match – between Russia and Saudi Arabia – kicking off on Tuesday 14th June. The leading football nations from around the globe will subsequently compete to reach and win the final in Moscow on Sunday 15th July.

We’re sure you’ve got all of the dates for your own, or adopted team’s matches memorised, but just in case you haven’t, here’s all of the information you need from the RadioTimes website.

As you’ll know, you don’t have much time left to invest in the most modern and sophisticated TV that will allow you to view every kick. So, which are your best options for an LED digital TV from Ferguson?

What if you’re on the move?

It’s perfectly possible – after all, many of us have big travel plans this Summer. It’s why you may want to look at our renowned 12-volt TVs that come with a 12v power adaptor rendering them the ideal choice for caravan, motor home, boat, camper owners and travellers in general. These wonderfully slim LED TVs are available in sizes 16” to 24”, and boast such features as Freeview HD, inbuilt DVD Player, WiFi Smart features and the ability to record digital TV and play media files from other devices.

On the subject of easy World Cup watching when you’re on the move, battery-operated TVs are another speciality of ours here at Ferguson. Our recently introduced 22” and 32” battery TVs are far from the crude things you may remember from childhood camping trips decades ago, not least as their rechargeable batteries enable up to 10 hours of TV watching at a time.

Alternatively, you might simply be getting comfortable at home

The traditional way to enjoy the World Cup is at home, although our own Large Screen TVs here at Ferguson can be better described as ‘up to the minute’ than ‘traditional’.

We’ve talked about our Platinum TV range plenty of times previously in the Knowledge Centre. With its 32” – 65” screen size choices combined with a built in soundbar the Mirror’s technology and science writer Jeff Parsons has described it as “deep and throaty thanks to the integrated sound bar”, there’s no question that the Platinum TV series offers you a superb audiovisual experience at a great price.

In fact, our full breadth of LED digital TV options also encompasses the likes of smart TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs and even curved TVs. It all means that, however you wish to experience the World Cup when you aren’t literally in the stadium, we can give you the TV that fully immerses you in the action.