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Have you got everything you need to enjoy your favourite TV shows on your boat?

Boat ownership is becoming more and more of a ‘thing’ in the UK; indeed, according to the Canal & River Trust, there are now more than 34,000 boats moored on the country’s waterways. Furthermore, about a quarter of them are now used as primary residences, up from the mere 10% reported a decade or so ago.

However, the increasing numbers of people choosing to spend at least some of their lives on the water does give rise to an obvious question: how can a boat owner keep themselves entertained? A simple answer is by purchasing a dedicated boat TV that enables them to watch all of their favourite programmes, in much the same way as they would in their living room.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, if you do wish to welcome a TV to your boat.

Do you have a licence to watch your boat TV?

Last year, TV Licensing warned the UK’s boat owners that they needed to ensure they were correctly licensed to enjoy any TV set they had on board.

You are legally required to possess a TV licence if you are a residential boat owner who wishes to watch live television or catch-up shows on BBC iPlayer. This applies regardless of the device that you use, however you receive programmes and whether your boat is cruising or moored.

Boat owners caught without a TV licence could be prosecuted and fined as much as £1,000, so it’s vital to ensure you are on the right side of the law with your boat TV.

Ferguson offers the most generously featured and best-priced boat TV options

As one of the oldest names in British electronics, Ferguson has long known a thing or two about producing TVs for even the most specialised requirements.

Sure enough, much the same is true when you are in need of a boat TV. Whether you opt for one of our recently introduced 22” or 32” battery TVs that produce 8-10 hours of entertainment from a single two-hour charge, or instead perhaps a well-priced HD ready widescreen TV accompanied by a 12-volt power adaptor, we can bring you a sophisticated TV that also represents great value.

What’s more, with our TVs being proudly manufactured in the UK in accordance with the tradition of our brand, investing in a Ferguson boat TV isn’t just a practical choice – it’s also a patriotic one, wherever your boat may take you.