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For the utmost convenience, choose a leisure TV with a built-in satellite tuner

When you’re in the market for a leisure TV – the kind of TV that people tend to use in their caravans, motorhomes or boats – you’re likely to have different expectations to those you would have for a ‘traditional’ TV for use in the living room.

A TV that’s an absolute cinch to use

Certainly, convenience is a big thing for people who’re looking to buy this type of TV. That’s why we offer such TVs here at Ferguson in sizes as small as 16”, so that you can easily move around your leisure TV or even use it as a ‘standard’ TV in the house when you aren’t travelling anywhere.

But you might also specifically choose one of our smaller TVs simply because they don’t take up as much space as a bigger one. That means you can fit yours into those awkward corners of your caravan, motorhome or even bedroom – or in other words, wherever you may wish to use your TV at any given time.

This, though, brings us neatly onto the subject of another convenience-boosting feature you’ll see popping up time and time again in the specification sheets of our travel TVs… a built-in satellite tuner.

It isn’t only ‘techies’ who should care

In addition to a terrestrial DVBT2 (Freeview HD) tuner many of our TV’s also have a DVBS-2 Tuner too. This enables the reception of Freeview HD channels via a Satellite dish, rather than an aerial, in areas where a terrestrial signal is weak. This is a particular benefit when travelling in remote areas or locations with hills and forests where signals can break up. As for getting started, all you have to do is connect your satellite dish cable into your new TV, and you’ll be able to quickly start enjoying excellent Freeview HD entertainment.

Combine that kind of convenience with such other features you’ll find across our latest leisure TV range, built-in HD digital Freeview channels, built-in DVD players, USB and HDMI inputs, and it becomes clear just how feature-packed your next travel-ready TV could be.

Sure, it may be far from certain whether any of us will actually get to do much travelling this summer. But while we’re waiting for positive news, equipping yourself with a 16”, 20” or 24” Ferguson leisure TV will leave you well-placed to make the best of the warmer and sunnier time of year – wherever you happen to enjoy it!