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How far would you go for an authentic ‘cinema-like’ experience in your caravan?

Every now and then in the news, we hear about someone who has shown just what’s possible with a caravan – and it’s fair to say that many of us love to binge on our favourite movies while relaxing in our caravans. It’s something that we make possible for keen travellers the length and breadth of the UK, with our complete caravan TV range.

However, one caravan that has particularly caught our eye as of late is the caravan cinema recently featured in an article in the Daily Mail, entitled “Hot tub screenings and movie-watching in a caravan: Britain’s best cinemas revealed, from the most luxurious to the quirkiest”.

A cinema based in a caravan? Really?

Yes, it exists! The cinema in question is Sol Cinema in south Wales, although – this being a caravan – it’s also proved portable enough to be brought to events around Britain.

So, it really is a caravan – but is it really a cinema? The short answer is, yes. It’s certainly got all of the lovely touches to which you’re probably accustomed in a traditional brick-and-mortar cinema, including red carpet, popcorn and even an usher service.

There are, though, a few important differences from your local Odeon, not least the rather more modest capacity. Mind you, eight people is a decent number, given how dinky this caravan looks from the outside. Suitably enough for something so chic, it’s also completely green, with its digital projector being powered by a rooftop solar generator that harnesses renewable energy from the sun.

With the caravan itself being 45 years old, it also serves up no shortage of the retro style that you’d probably expect from a caravan cinema. In 2017 alone, it’s made appearances at events as wide-ranging as Colwyn Bay Vintage Festival, Fine Tuned Festival at Liverpool’s Albert Dock and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

So who knows, maybe Sol Cinema will soon be turning up in a town near you!

Recreate your own amazing caravan entertainment experience

While we can’t undertake the refurbishment work needed to turn your own caravan into a ‘proper’ cinema, we certainly can provide you with the dedicated caravan TV that will almost make you feel like you’re sitting in one.

Our impressive selection of ‘smart’ 12-volt and even battery-powered TVs here at Ferguson TV, incorporating such features as built-in digital Freeview channels and USB and HDMI capability, helps to ensure that your entertainment experience while aboard your own caravan or motorhome is always of the very highest standard.

Purchase your next motorhome or caravan TV from Ferguson TV right now, and as well as investing in a great TV, you can be assured of having supported the very best of British!