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Exploring the world of smart TVs

Smart-Tv-article2 copyTheir name says it all, really. Smart TVs are basically televisions with integrated Internet, applications, and similar features. They have massively increased in popularity and accessibility in the last few years, and it’s thought that they are going to be the dominant type of television in the near future

Most smart TVs offer a good mix of applications (either pre-loaded or available to download from an app store), TV/film streaming services such as BBC iPLayer and social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Many models also offer a built-in Internet browser that allows you to surf the web from the comfort of your sofa.

Isn’t my old TV perfectly fine?

Maybe, but smart TVs come with many advantages that other TVs or older models just can’t offer.

Convenience is a major factor. Think about it; how often do you sit at night surrounded by various different screens – watching something on your TV, checking Facebook on a laptop and texting people on your phone?

A smart TV allows you to consolidate the majority of these into a single unit. You can browse social networks and the web without having to find and load up another device.

Who knows – your smart TV could become your primary source of web browsing, which could be ideal if you don’t wish to purchase a computer or tablet

A whole new world of entertainment…

The built in Wi-Fi in our smart TVs here at Ferguson opens up a wide array of entertainment opportunities.

When you purchase your smart TV from Ferguson, you’ll find that BBC iPlayer, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter apps are pre-loaded, so you can chat with friends, catch up on the latest series and much, much more.

The USB input allows you to record digital TV and play media files from other devices, while the two HDMI inputs enable the connection of external devices and game consoles.

All of that, and you have built-in Freeview HD. What more could you possibly need from a TV?

For more information on our renowned smart TVs here at Ferguson, simply browse our comprehensive online range – or contact us for more information.