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Enjoy your favourite console games more with a Full HD or 4K TV

Games console

For almost half a century video games have been one of the most popular ways to kill time. From the earliest video games, such as a pong developed in the early 70’s, to the Oculus Rift, an innovative virtual reality console, there’s no doubt that game consoles are here to stay.

As well as being an enjoyable hobby and pastime, video games also come with a range of other benefits that increases their appeal. Some games are known for improving one’s general knowledge (think ‘brain-training’ games), while others help to enhance fitness, with more games and more consoles implementing the use of actual physical movement into their control. Naturally, video games can also be a great way to socialise. However, even if you own one of the latest games consoles on the market, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t have a good-quality TV to use with it. While there is no one best ‘games console TV’, there are several features you should be sure to keep an eye out for in a TV if you’re an avid gamer.

Bigger is better

It goes without saying that a bigger screen makes for a better and more immersive gaming experience, as well as being less detrimental to your eye health. Opt for TVs over 32” and aim to sit as far away from the screen as possible.

Get the high definition gaming experience you deserve

The majority of TVs nowadays are Full HD (1080P), but it’s always best to check. Practically all Ferguson TVs 40” & over are Full HD so you’re bound to have a world-class gaming experience, whichever model of ours you go for. HD Ready TV’s (1080i) are more common in smaller screen sizes and still result in a superb clarity.

Ultra HD 4K

The latest TV’s offer viewers a 4K viewing opportunity. 4K or Ultra HD offers 4 times the definition of full HD. As games and consoles develop they will make use of the new technologies to further enhance the gaming experience. Currently no consoles or games have developed this far but it wont be long before they do. Think of 4K as future proofing as this level of broadcast and media is still quite rare but will become less so as time goes on

HDMI inputs, can’t be without one !

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the interface between your TV and another audio/video source – in this case, a games console. HDMI allows for the highest quality video and audio, all through a single cable. All of our TVs come with at least 1 HDMI input – even our traveller TVs – but the majority have 2 or 3 depending on the screen size. HDMI offers a great improvement on the old SCART connectors once so prevalent

If you are looking for a trusty gaming TV that will deliver each and every time, Ferguson should be your first choice. Just contact our friendly and helpful customer service team today for more information on our TVs and what would make the best games console TV for your particular needs.