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Enjoy digital HD Freeview channels on your new Ferguson 12-volt TV – wherever you are!

The present moment might seem to be an especially tricky time to decide on a travel TV, should you be in the market for one.

After all, the sun’s out, it doesn’t get dark until late, and frankly, you might be eager to clamber into your caravan or motorhome and get on with preparing for your big summer holiday. But given the continued uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, by the time you read this, it might be anyone’s guess whether you will be able to organise much summer travelling.


This is precisely why it makes a lot of sense to choose a travel TV that is equally at home at, erm, home. Fortunately, we have a new range of travel TVs that offer precisely this level of versatility.

So, what are these new TVs about?

The short answer is… lots of things! We’ve debuted new 12-volt TVs in 16”, 20” and 24” dimensions, sporting such handy, as-suitable-for-travel-as-for-the-home features as USB and HDMI ports, built-in satellite tuners and even built-in DVD players.

One other thing that’ll find represented across many of our latest travel TV models, however, is the availability of digital HD Freeview channels.

Freeview, for those who are unaware, is the UK’s biggest TV platform, used in some 18 million homes and enabling Britons to enjoy many of the nation’s most popular shows for free. As long as you have a working aerial and a TV to watch it on, you’ll be able to access Freeview.

When you purchase one of our Freeview HD-compatible travel TVs, though, it isn’t just the more than 70 standard-definition Freeview channels that you can potentially view, but also the up to 15 HD channels that the platform offers.

That means being able to immerse yourself in the astonishing detail provided by HD versions of the likes of BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4. It’s not a bad feature to have in a TV that works as well in a caravan, motorhome, boat or lorry as it does in your home while you are self-isolating.

Take your pick from our extensive range of new models

Whatever the direction in which the circumstances of 2020 turn, it’ll be nice to know that you have a TV that will keep stimulated you right through it, ensuring you never miss out on any of your favourite programmes, movies or other sources of entertainment – in or out of lockdown.

And when you purchase that home-slash-travel-TV from Ferguson, you can be sure of benefitting from a well-made, high-specification TV for an excellent price!