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Do caravans and TV mix? Just ask the stars of Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning…

If you are a believer in the benefits that a caravan TV can bring – and we’re sure that many of you are, if you’re browsing our site here at Ferguson – then you may just have taken an interest in the series Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning, which has been running for the last few weeks and concluded with its final episode this Friday.

So, what’s it about?

The title alone might seemingly tell you everything you need to know about the show – it’s ‘yet another’ of those programmes that have become so in-vogue lately, whereby a batch of veteran celebs are sent off on holiday together.

Some of the past experiments in this genre may have sounded like formats that the perpetually cringe-inducing washed-up fictional chat show host Alan Partridge forgot to suggest to the (equally fictional) BBC director of programming, Tony Hayers. Who remembers ITV’s Gone to Pot, for example, which despatched Linda Robson, Pam St Clement, Christopher Biggins, John Fashanu and Bobby George around America in a psychedelic bus, to find out about the pros and cons of marijuana?

On the basis of the episodes so far, however, there’s reason to see Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning – which has been airing on Channel 5 since 13th July at 8pm on Friday nights – as a genuinely worthwhile exercise.

We won’t spoil things too much for you…

Given that the shows can be enjoyed on Channel 5’s on-demand service My5, we won’t give you too many spoilers, other than laying out the basics. Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning brings together former Doctor Who ace Colin Baker, soap veteran Sherrie Hewson, EastEnders and The Bill actor Todd Carty, radio DJ Tony Blackburn and Liverpool-born singer Sonia.

Colin, Sherrie, Todd and Tony meet in the Lancashire resort of Morecambe where they see their caravans for the first time, before heading off to Kendal to pick up Sonia. It doesn’t take long for the quintet’s travails to begin, and it’s fair to say that it all makes for very relatable watching for anyone who has ever owned and used a caravan, let alone considered buying a caravan TV.

One of the most compelling reasons to watch a programme like this is surely seeing how the participants interact, and there’s plenty to fascinate in that regard on Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning, too. As Hewson has said of her experience on the show, “There was great camaraderie and some stories we told can’t be televised!”

We’ll certainly be tuning into the last episode of the series this Friday here at Ferguson, and if you currently lack anything to watch the show on… well, we’re always on standby to provide you with the perfectly suited caravan TV to your needs. Indeed, why not browse our online range today?