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Dethleffs unveils exciting concept for all-electric, solar-panelled motorhome

We love motorhomes for how they allow us to enjoy a wealth of home comforts, almost anywhere. The idea of an all-electric motorhome may therefore seem to be a non-starter. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped Dethleffs forging an intriguing concept for one.

Here comes the sun… to charge a motorhome

Much of a motorhome’s versatility, it seems, could be lost if the vehicle is unable to stay on the road for longer than about 100 miles before it needs to be electronically refuelled. Who wants a motorhome that they need to spend several hours charging?

Still, electric motorhomes are not an entirely new idea – and Dethleffs has recently shown the world just how exciting such a vehicle could be. The word “could” there is apt, as this is indeed simply a concept that we are currently looking at; however, it explores how such a vehicle could draw much of its energy from solar charging to keep its carbon emissions at zero.

Can we C appeal in this Type of motorhome?

The Dethleffs e.home concept, as it has been called, sheds light on a Type C motorhome that uses an 80-kiloWatt electric motor. However, the range will clearly be tested when the vehicle has to carry a large camper box containing furniture, equipment and such supplies as fuel and water.

While Dethleffs says the non-camper range could reach as much as 174 miles, the materials used for the vehicle suggests the camper range may decline to as little as 103 miles. Attempts to boost the range of this vehicle could, therefore, rely very strongly on the 334 square feet of solar panels it carries.

Thin panels… and a thin idea?

These thin-film panels could supply the motorhome’s 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery array with up to 3,000 watts of electricity. However, motorhome manufacturers, of which Dethleffs is a German example, look far from ready to broadly embrace all-electric motorhomes.

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