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Could a caravan TV be the cost-effective entertainment solution for you this summer?

It would be easy to presume that the UK simply isn’t the nation of ‘caravanners’ in 2018 that it once was. After all, a generation of young people have grown up with caravans being blown up on Top Gear, and that’s before one considers the primitive image many Millennials have long had of caravans being cold and uncomfortable places to spend a holiday.

Times change, though, and it certainly has for caravans. For one thing, the Brexit vote in 2016 served to weaken the pound and encourage more people to stay in the UK for their holidays instead of jetting off on expensive overseas vacations.

Furthermore, the typical caravan of today is far from the crude vehicle that some ‘70s and ‘80s caravans were. Instead of the condensed breath and frost on the inside of the windows that many people may recall from childhood caravan holidays, caravans today are routinely fully insulated, also featuring built-in heating, toilets, Wi-Fi, comfortable beds… and sophisticated TVs.

Make Ferguson your port of call for a caravan TV

Such trends have helped to bring a surge in touring caravan sales in the UK, which a BBC report last December said had gone up by 7% in the year to June. It was a similar story for the wider leisure vehicle market, such as motorhomes and static caravans, which saw 9% higher sales.

What you might not have known, however, is that dedicated caravan TVs have also advanced considerably from the grainy black-and-white affairs that they once were.

That’s demonstrated by such offerings in our own range here at Ferguson as our battery-operated TVs that each boast a built-in rechargeable battery capable of charging in as little as two hours, and which can power the TV for up to 10 hours.

Or what about our fuss-free 12-volt TVs that measure between 16” and 24” and are accompanied by a convenient 12-volt power adapter, or even the 24” Android Smart LED 12-volt TV that enables you to download so many of your favourite Android apps directly to your TV?

It’s a brave new world these days as far as the formerly humble caravan TV is concerned. Furthermore, when you shop at Ferguson TV, you can be sure of finding the perfect TV to keep you entertained throughout your caravan vacation this year – wherever you happen to go.