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Caravans with TVs really don’t come any more ambitious than this…

The days of having to depend on a crude and grainy black-and-white TV as a caravan or motorhome TV may now thankfully be over – as amply demonstrated by our own technologically advanced TVs here at Ferguson – but there are always people out there searching for new heights of sophistication.

That much was certainly evident in one recent report by the PlymouthLive website, featuring the owner of Rowlands Fun Fair, David Rowland, and his truly stunning ‘caravan’ – if it can even be called that.

Whatever one regards this magnificent vehicle to be – a caravan, motorhome or something else – it measures a stellar 54 feet long and 16 feet wide, and like our TVs here at Ferguson, is proudly British-made, having been custom made for David in 2014. But what else distinguishes this astounding creation?

The complete motorhome – sporting quite a few TVs

Well, for one thing, it boasts a whopping nine TVs in all, including one that moves from the wall into the centre of the living area, thereby enabling David and his wife to watch their favourite soaps and eat dinner without moving an inch. Another TV is situated above a huge bathtub.

All of the other technological ‘mod cons’ that you might expect to see in a decent caravan – such as a washing machine, tumble drier, cooker and microwave – are also all present and correct.

Meanwhile, such elements as a pristine white kitchen, plush red leather armchairs and Champagne classes in the cupboard help to further ramp up the opulence.

Nor does the double bedroom disappoint, with its en-suite incorporating a power shower and thousands of pounds’ worth of marble.

Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere like this?

Sure, you might not feel that you’d wish to live in a caravan right through the year, but David and his family’s monumental motorhome is probably more luxurious than most of our houses.

“It’s a house on wheels”, he was quoted as saying in 2015, adding: “We live in this all year round and put it on land that we own in the winter. I wanted to build a house, but my wife wouldn’t let me!”

In the words of his wife, Anne: “It’s a way of life – we haven’t known any different than living in a caravan. I was born in one.”

Help yourself to a truly sophisticated caravan TV

While your own budget may not stretch to a caravan or motorhome quite as spectacular as David’s prized possession, there’s no reason why you can’t have a thoroughly up-to-the-minute TV in your vehicle, courtesy of Ferguson.

With all manner of fully-featured and dependable 12-volt TVs and battery-powered TVs making up our present industry-leading product range, we can easily source you a caravan or motorhome TV that will keep you and any friends or relatives you’re travelling with thoroughly entertained throughout your road journeys this summer.