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Caravan with no fewer than nine televisions grabs the headlines

We take immense pride in being one of the leading caravan TV brands here at Ferguson. However, even we are taken aback at times by just how committed some people are to giving themselves the most luxurious TV-watching experience in their caravan, with one recent story in the Mirror having especially caught our eye.

The report in question concerned David Rowland, owner of Rowlands Fun Fair, whose custom-built caravan – in which he lives for most of the year – contains not only nine televisions, but also a marble bathroom and fully-equipped kitchen.

A mobile home that shows what’s possible with a caravan TV

The sheer lavishness of Mr Rowland’s mobile home – measuring 54 feet long and 16 feet wide – is impressive to say the least. Not only is there thousands of pounds’ worth of marble, but one of the caravan’s TVs has a value of £9,000 and moves from the wall into the centre of the living area.

Mr Rowland has described the caravan as a “house on wheels”, adding: “We live in this all year round and put it on land that we own in the winter. I wanted to build a house, but my wife wouldn’t let me.” Indeed, according to his wife, “It’s a way of life – we haven’t known any different than living in a caravan. I was born in one.”

Such is the family’s commitment to the finest in caravan TV entertainment, that one of the TVs is even placed above a huge bathtub, with Mr Rowland admitting that “I like to end the day by sitting in the bath with a glass of whiskey watching Coronation Street.”

Why not invest in your own high-specification motorhome TV?

It’s been a long time since the average caravan TV was an embarrassing affair that you only really used to watch the news. In today’s technologically sophisticated world, in fact, even the least expensive caravan TVs can be surprisingly advanced.

So, even if you don’t have Mr Rowland’s deep pockets, you can still enjoy a high-specification caravan TV incorporating the likes of built-in digital Freeview channels, a built-in DVD player, USB and HDMI inputs and – of course – that all-important 12-volt power adapter for easy TV watching ‘on the go’.

Why trust any other brand or online store when you are next in the market for a caravan TV?