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Caravan hoisted up a tree wins rave reviews on Airbnb

As you might expect of a leading caravan TV brand like ourselves here at Ferguson, we’re always interested in whatever quirky stories may pop up in the news from time to time about how people use their caravans… and, well, we think we may have found the quirkiest one yet.

The story, as reported by the Daily Mail among others, concerns the Bogancloch Treehouse in Rhynie, Scotland, which is not exactly the typical treehouse for one simple reason: it is actually a caravan hoisted almost 13 feet up a tree.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a 1960s touring caravan with what has been described by its own owner as a “shabby” interior and no mains electricity, Internet or bathroom facilities – so in short, unfortunately not the most convenient place to set up a caravan TV.

Still, that hasn’t prevented the unusual holiday refuge from garnering an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of five on rentals site Airbnb, from 122 reviews.

A unique experience for holidaymakers

The Mail reported that the unconventional accommodation was being offered for just £17 a night, which is an all-the-more impressive price when one considers its history – it was formerly a film prop.

Well, that’s at least technically the case: it appeared in a 2011 short film called Two Years at Sea, in which the only actor was the caravan’s owner, merchant seaman Jake Williams. It was after filming was over that instead of taking the caravan down from its lofty location, he began to rent it out.

Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that his Airbnb description of the accommodation is an unassuming one, in which he urges prospective guests to “bring your own sleeping bag (or sheets)… but it’s possible to be comfortable.”

Needless to say, those who do stay seem to have the time of their lives. As one guest wrote for one of its many glowing reviews: “We agreed that Jake could do with a negative review, to balance out all the rapturous praise the treehouse has been getting and generally lower people’s expectations.

“Unfortunately, as I pointed out to him, the treehouse would have had to have been way less cosy, the scenery far less beautiful and the man himself a lot less hospitable and good fun for this to be anything less than glowing.”

Why not enliven your own caravan in a slightly more conventional way?

Alas, here at Ferguson TV, we can’t provide you with a means of hoisting your caravan up a tree, or for that matter would necessarily recommend it. What we can do, though, is promise you a slightly more conventional thrill in the form of a sophisticated and fully-featured caravan TV.

Why not purchase yours from our up-to-the-minute product range today, to help ensure that you really make the most of your upcoming summer holidays – wherever you and your caravan spend them?